2020 Board of Directors Election Announcement

(Note: this content originally appeared as an email to Quelab members on January 9, I’m making a post here for easy sharing on Facebook, etc as we approach the deadline for nominations. -Rebecca)

2020 Board of Directors Election Announcement

TL;DR: mandatory Board of Directors election 2-16, nominations open now, early electronic voting, catered election party on the 16th, come have fun with us!  Send nominations & questions to


Greetings Quelab Members!

The Quelab Board Of Directors Election will be held on Sunday February16, 2019. Of the seven person Board of Directors, there are four directors finishing out their two year terms, so you will be voting to elect four Directors.  The election party will be held at Quelab, starting at 5:00 p.m. and running until 8:00 p.m. or later, if we don’t reach the required voter turnout (per the By-laws, a quorum of voters is required, that is, 53% turnout). Like previous years, we will be providing food, and hope to have many Quelab members come out to socialize, be a part of the process & enjoy the party at the same time. 

ELECTION PROCESS AND VOTING – Per the By-Laws, the Election will be handled by Vice President John Murray with assists from other volunteers.  We plan to again utilize OpaVote for electronic voting ( There will be no paper ballots.  Voting will start earlier that week, perhaps Wednesday (exact date still to be set).

MANDATORY – Per Quelab’s By-Laws, the Election “meeting” is mandatory for ALL Quelab members, and all members should vote for their choice(s) for Directors on the Board (even if that vote is “none of the above”).  Fortunately, voting electronically counts as “attendance”.  Early electronic voting simplifies things for everyone, and we encourage as many people to vote early as possible.  The election team still wants to see as many Quelab members as possible at the party. Come to Quelab  & have some fun with us!

NOMINATIONS – Nominations are now open. Any member can submit a nomination for the election. The nominee must be at least 18 years old, a resident of New Mexico, but does not have to be a Quelab member (but must be ~eligible~ to be a member of Quelab). Members can nominate themselves (self-nominate). Once a nominee confirms their interest in running, they will have a chance to introduce themselves and communicate their interest to the members. We hope to post a short bio to the wiki for each nominee. Send nominations to Nominations close on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. and barring complications, we will send out the official list of nominees the next day, Sunday the 9th.

VOTE RANKING – When voting, everyone will be asked to rank all of the candidates that they want to vote for; they can rank as many (or as few) candidates as they want. Unless they are voting for no or only one candidate, the votes must be ranked. The votes will be counted using a single transferable vote system.

– The list of Directors can be found at:

– This longer video introduces STV, or “Single Transferable Vote”: – CGP Grey video

“Politics in the Animal Kingdom: Single Transferable Vote”

–  However, this shorter “extra” video is easier to understand concerning the voting system we are using: – CGP Grey video “Extra: STV Election Walkthrough”