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March of the Robots 2

March of the Robots!

March of the Robots is here. Come build a robot minion during the month of March and we’ll show them off at our March of the Robots event on March 31 from 6-9pm. There’s been talk of BEAM Bots and photo-voltaic awesomeness. Want a Dalek to serve you? We can build that. Want to build a bot that can navigate mazes? We can do that, too. We’ll be working on robot related madness on hacknights all month – Tuesdays and Sundays. Come the end of the month, we’ll be having a public event to show off, build some simple bots with the public and generally have a great robotic time. Craig Goldsmith will be on hand with some hand built 1uffakind robots. They’ll be walking around doing what a robot does.

See the March of the Robots forum for more discussion.

Instructions to build a photovore

Holiday Hacknight Schedule

Greetings Hackers and Makers!

Just as a FYI Quelab will not be officially open for hacknights Sunday the 25th or Sunday the 1st,  Due to member holiday obligations.  This does not mean the lab has to be closed. But just dont expect it to be open (feel free to drive by and if the open sign is on, there may be someone in there! (or recently was)If there are any bored members who need a place to slip away and hack feel free to post to the members list,  or to the forums http://quelab.net/wordpress/forums/ that you will have the place open. It will be up to you to make sure the place is locked up at the end of the night.

Otherwise hope to see some of you Tuesday the 27th,  for our post holiday new gadget show&tell / boxingday old gadget give away, and hacknight.

Normal Hacknight schedule will resume January 3rd, and will continue as usual on the Tuesdays and Sundays Schedule (until we get enough critical mass of members and projects to support additional hacknights/hackdays!)

Our next board meeting,(for board and members) Will be Sunday January 8th, 5-6pm,  and our planning/public meeting will be 6:30-7:30  Also on January 8th, please try and come we need input!

As always if you have questions or comments feel free to email us (its in the contact us section)

Techmas! (AGAIN!) Tuesday! This is the big geeky holiday crafting event!

Tuesday the 20th! Quelab is taking a step back from our more usual, high tech, and going for an event that can appeal to everybody, from high-tech uber geek to causal crafter. All ages, (although there may be some semi dangerous tools, and supplies that may not be appropriate for super young kids without supervison/help.

Last year Techmas, we a great success, several wreaths, and circuitboard trees were made, there were also component creatures, and musical instruments, ornaments and tree/wall hangings, and blinking nose rudolph computer mice, abominable snowmen, and much much more crafted.

As a partial list, We have circuit boards, we have components. gadgets, wire, adhesives, Shapeloc(tm)/friendly plastic, felt, papers, leather, gears, brushes, spraypaints, drillpresses, bandsaws, ordainment hooks, LED’s, batteries, aluminum cans, beads, cogs, ribbons, tape, heat shrink tube, silicone casting/sculpting putty, and much much more! What are you bringing to craft with?

My suggestion would be, obsolete memory cards, un-wanted game pieces, pretty cdr/dvdr disks, ribbons, interesting wires, clockwork/mechanical things. old gadgets… and all sorts of other generic crafting supplies!

Tuesday 12/13 and 12/20 7pm-10pm!
kids under 12 free, non members are asked to donate a minimum of $5 to cover supplies and utilities. (its one of those donate what you can sort of events)

1112 2nd Street!

Here are some photos from last year!

And some links to things to inspire you!

Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Heres a quick rundown, of upcoming stuff at the lab.    We are moving The board & public/members meetings from Thanksgiving weekend, to the Sunday after. Which is conveniently the first Sunday of the month.  Where we are hoping to move the future meetings to.  (this will facilitate many things including membership dues payments and some schedule issues)

Dec 2nd, Local 2600 Hacker Quarterly meeting 6-9pm (free and open to anyone curious about things)
Dec 3rd: Barcamp  After hours Social,  Snacks and beverages,  possibly even beer (donation sugested) hours? 6-9pm?
Dec 4th: 1pm-??  Insulation install fest.  We are going to be learning all about blowing insulation into attics.
5pm-6pm  Board meeting, Quelabs board and any members interested in attending,
6pm-7pm  Public/Planning meeting, public and members encouraged to attend.

7pm-10pm Deck the Lab,  This will be the first workshop where we go over the project, (this will be a 3parter)

Dec 11th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  We will look into automating holiday lights and music,
Dec 13th 7pm-10pm  TechMas!  This is a craftastic event. last year we had a lot of fun making pretty things from recycled computer parts!
Dec 18th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  Hopefully finishing up the project!
Dec 20th 7pm-10pm  Techmas part 2,  for all those who could not make part 1, wanted to do more, or need to finish up!

January 1st is when the next public meeting is scheduled.. this may change due to travel/absenteeism.

*Actually November’s meetings a being delayed until probably the 11th of December, Due to Absenteeism!

LED Jack-o-lantern workshop

LED Jack-o-lanternMake your own LED lighting system for a Halloween Jack-o-lantern.  $5(for non members) plus $5 materials.  7-10:PM, Sunday, October 23

Learn Basic soldering(No experience needed),  Learn very basic electronics.   Make and take home a cool reusable kit!  (Battery Included! pumpkin is not)

Photos from the event Can be seen here!



Want to Make a Creepy Thingy?


October is Spooky month at Quelab!  We are working on some of the creepy bump in the night tech, leading up to Quelab’s Haunted Lab on October 29th and 30th!

But before all that we have to build lots of creepy crawly things to supply our Haunted Lab, and we’re inviting you to join us!  Our first open class, will be October 2nd 7pm-10pm.  We will be showing how to sculpt and mold silicone calking, so you can make a jar full of creepy embalmed things (think Creepy Crawlers, but more DIY). We will supply the jars, silicone, molds, and paints. Bring your own things to make a mold of, and things like old mostly used up makeup (compacts, blushes and lipstick) that can give the transparent silicone a creepy coloring!

Cost for non members will be $10 ($5 for materials & $5 for hacknight), and you will get one creepy snaptop jar to house your creations in, nontoxic fluid, and a lot of fun!

As expected it was alot of fun, and people makde some very amazing creations, i will work on tagging the photos and adding a slideshow here later.

Meanwhile if you attended or even if you could not here are the instructions! (probably a future instructable!)


Quelab’s 2nd Linux Night!

Our last Linux Night was a huge success, so we’re doing it again (and hopefully again and again and again!).

Tux, the open-source penguin

Interested in Linux but not sure where to start? Installed Ubuntu but not sure what to do next? Having trouble with your Linux install and need help from an expert? Well, we can help. Bring your computer down on Tuesday September 13 at 7:00pm for our second Learn about Linux Night! We can help you install Linux, troubleshoot, and learn how to love the terminal. A $5 donation is requested.

Sunday Hacknight Recap

Mind you this was only from my point of view. There were others banging away on code and soldering away on their Peggy led board.

I finished 3 small projects, I will quickly outline them here.

Ive been playing lots with alternative process photography, and one of the mediums ive been working with is blueprint paper. which takes days of sunlight to work in a pinhole camera. Which got me to wondering how many hours of good sunlight do we have currently? i could look up sunrise/sunset info online but that wont tell me about the cloudy hours. the cameras themselves can do it but you have to develop it to see how that day was. so i thought one good use for those 30 or so Solar yardlights we have, would be to pull the solar cell. and slap it on a small 1.5v clock, i will see tonight how good it was, but I will see how far its gone from 12:00, one problem with the system is if its over 12 hours of sun, one risks wondering if it was just a few non cloudy hours. but i think looking out a window once in a while coudl tell me this. It could also be used to determine solar aray placement and calculations.
DSC_3319.JPG DSC_3322.JPG

2nd project was trying out my first Arduino, and seeing if i can interface it to i probably should have worked in some
the RFID readers we have laying about, all in all it was pretty simple. I used this article as a guide. The tricky part was getting linux arduino-ide that supported the Arduino uno installed on my netbook. which also took a few minutes googling and manual install of a few DEB packages. Now to decide what to do with it! Test rfid blocking? spoofing? setup a login/access control?

3rd project was also just for fun, making Ferro-magnetic Silly Putty Works great, its just about as messy as the Instructables says, Probably should have worked in a little of the black iron oxide, and added more and worked it in and added more… dumped it all into a pocket and worked it in, might have used too much powder, because its a little stiff now and still sometimes makes your hands gray. going to add a 3rd lump of putty tonight and see. Its fun watching it eat magnets!

DSC_3332.JPG DSC_3329.JPG DSC_3330.JPG

We also got visited bit a small cadre of enthusiastic budding tinkerer/hackers, they are working on their own RepRap 3d printer, and a place to use it when done, i think we have perhaps made a good match!

Please, if any of this interests you come on down, if not! let us know what would get you out of your house and come on down!

Hacknights continue to be fun, but still need more folks!

The past few months hacknights have only netted a few full projects, I built a new stereoscopic blueprint paper pinhole camera, A guest came in to have me help him build an ozone generator to air out a smoked in apartment he rents. And we have had visits from a 1/2 dozen interesting folks around town.

There was also progress on the makerbot. Speaking of 3d printing, The Stephen Colbert report, had Bre Pettis on with his thing-0-matic on Wednesday, Watch it here!

For For July we are going to be trying out projects involving Air, Sky, and Space, sofar we have a few ideas, but would love to have everyone participate. Anyone interested in aerial photography (kite, balloon, rockets?), how about Astronomy, or gliders? or engines? or countles things i have not even thought of yet?

Last Hacknight before the big Event.

Remember the Quelab semiannual yardsale is Saturday!! Even if you don’t have anything to swap, sell donate or show off, we would love to see you and everyone you know down to come pick through the stuff! You wont see stuff like this just about any other place! You can tell your children you were there!!! Its 8am-11ish 04/30/11! Be there!

Tonight is the LAST Hacknight before the event’s! We need warm bodies helping finish projects, test builds, troubleshoot hazards, and sort through our junk!

Anyway I digress.
Tonight we wrap up the ideas and projects we have planned to demo to the public Saturday 2pm-6pm (after the Yardsale). Times like this its always good to reflect over all the ideas, and or supplies that you had but just didn’t have the hu-manpower/time to complete. Some of these projects I’m sure will live to see another day, some probably wont. We had a bout 40 solar yardlights, just begging to be hacked, we had a old portable typewriter and a few novel ideas on how to make it a HID device, stacks of untabbed solar cells just begging to be a panel, as tack of 12v gel-cell batteries, looking for a electric bike, a electric scooter needing a tire, and a new throttle control box wiring. And coultless other projects that just didn’t make the cut.

How can you help out? First off, we need more folks involved! We rarely have more than a few people down for hacknights. and thats not enough critical mass to both keep the place open and to really collaborate (Que-lab-orate)

If you can’t make it down to Quelab, think about your friends and co-workers, is there someone who would benefit from having a tinkering space, a workshop full of tools, a small group of very fun and dedicated problem solvers? If so tell them they need to come down, at least for the events listed above, and ideally for more of our hacknights!