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Quelab’s Fireless Fourth 2021

Disco Human Laser Dance Rays Party Celebrate

Welcome to Quelab Makerspace’s 2021 Fireless Fourth, list of ideas, amusements and demonstrations for the kid in all of us.  As always if you enjoy this post please share it with other families and friends and educators and kids who may benefit from this. 

I Adric, your humble blogposter has been collecting these ideas and demos and posting every year since 2011,  and while I love fire booms,  it’s fun to try and scour the internet for ideas that don’t need big flames!  Quelab is based in the middle of the Desert Southwest and fire danger is a real and growing thing in the western United States.  So hopefully some of these ideas will help you wile away the long hours until its dark enough to see a public display, or responsibly do your own small fireworks.   Remember to always have a hose in the ready,  and a bucket of water.  

Anyway on with the links! !!!!

A bit of a take on the typical alka seltzer film canister rockets. This one has some color and a base of sarch.  To give a washable tie dye effect plus a pop and zoom.  May need to source some other small snap top air tight containers since film cans are kinda rare these days..  Although Quelab’s darkroom might be able to spare a few. 


Super simple idea for those long hours waiting for after sunset to see the fireworks.  Lay out some paper on the ground,  or even a table thatsin the setting sun,  align toys on the sunny side,  trace the shadows when they look most awesome to you.


Need to stay up on your Periodic table? Why not laminate some periodic table of the element images and then use a dry erase marker to play a game of battleship.


The Fourth of July is about fountains.  Well this one is uses  water,   and it’s flat. 


Daredevil. Looping pendulum, dripping weights on a line over a bar.  Makes for some nice long exposure pinwheels. 


Milk plastic, moon boot print. 


Free idea  from the City of Albuquerque Museum,  how to do your own scratch art fireworks.


Simple tape, and paper plate and cup, and tube marble tracks


Need a little cool off?  How about a water balloon pinata? 

Links to past years Fireless Fourth posts.

2021 Board of Directors Election Announcement

Greetings Quelab Members!

The Quelab Board Of Directors Election will be held next month on Sunday February 21, 2021. Of the seven person Board of Directors, there are three Directors finishing out their two year terms (current Board Chair Ethan Moses, and Directors Adric Menning and Rebecca Snyder). You will be voting to elect three Directors. All current Quelab members are required to vote in the election, and we must reach the required voter turnout for the election to be considered “valid” (per the By-laws, a quorum of voters is required, that is, 53% of you). 


Per the By-Laws, the Vice President (John Murray) is responsible for the Election; the team handling the election will consist of John Murray, John Benedetto, & Ethan Moses, with an assist from Josh Pederson (for OPAVOTE).  We plan to again utilize OpaVote for electronic voting ( There will be no paper ballots.  Voting will start on Wednesday 2/17/21 & run through Sunday 2/21/21. While we cannot hold an election party at Quelab as in previous years, we will have a virtual Election party that day, the 21st, held via ZOOM, starting @ 4:30 p.m. & running through at least 8:00 p.m..


Per Quelab’s By-Laws, the Election “meeting” is mandatory for ALL Quelab members, and all members should vote for their choice(s) for Directors on the Board (even if that vote is “none of the above”).  Fortunately, voting electronically counts as “attendance”.  Electronic voting simplifies things for everyone, and we encourage people to vote early. We would still like to see as many people as possible at the virtual Election Party on the 21st, since there are so few opportunities nowadays to socialize & chat with other Makers.


Nominations are now open. Any member can submit a nomination for someone to run for the Board. The nominee must be at least 18 years old, a resident of New Mexico, and does not have to be a Quelab member (but must be ~eligible~ to be a member of Quelab). Members can also nominate themselves (self-nominate). Once a nominee confirms their interest in running, they will have a chance to introduce themselves to the members.  We plan to post bios to the wiki from each nominee, though we are open to other avenues for you to meet the candidates (drop a line to with your thoughts and suggestions). 

Nominations should be emailed to

Nominations close on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. at which point the final list of those running will be announced (though there is sometimes a day or two delay until all nominees accept or decline their nominations).


When voting, everyone will be asked to rank the candidates that they want to vote for; they can rank as many (or as few) as they want. Unless they are voting for none or only one candidate, the candidates must be ranked (1st choice, 2nd choice, etc). The votes will be counted using a single transferable vote system. 


Dec 6 events, Maker Chat Wednesdays, and 10 year Anniversary Sale


Sunday December 6 — Quelab Social Hour, Community Meeting, and Board Meeting (all online of course!) email us at for more info

3:00 – 5:00 pm Quelab Board of Directors Meeting – Public welcome. Email if you wish to add anything to the agenda

5:00 – 7:30 pm Quelab Happy Maker Social Hour starts at 5 pm, general meeting starts at 6, plus more time for chatting after the meeting – Connect & chat with other makers!

How to get the meeting link: link added to the calendar description at shortly before the meeting, check our Facebook page or group, or email 
All are welcome to attend any of the events!

Want to meet other makers in our community? Check out the Wednesday night “Hacknight Maker Chat”, every Wednesday, Special Techmas edition on December 16. The meeting link will be added to the calendar description at shortly before the meeting, check our Facebook page or group, or email 

Visit Quelab

Virtual tour available at

Currently in-person tours are by appointment ONLY (Masks required) Contact to reach our volunteer team and set up your personal tour of our 10,000 square foot makerspace.

Quelab has a special on memberships to celebrate our 10th Anniversary! Visit Monthly memberships have the option to discount to $42.50, Annual $425.00 This rate reflects a 15% discount off our usual rates of $50 per month or $500 per year. These special rates are available for a limited time to make it easier for YOU to check out Quelab, we know this year has been difficult in many ways and we wanted to offer this. Do note these rates are optional, you also have the option of paying the regular rate to help support our not-for profit makerspace in being able to offer these special prices. Full details on the membership page

Why are there no orientations listed on the schedule? The membership steward will email you directly to set up your orientation time, there are no “drop ins”. Orientations have resumed, in very small groups according to the state orders — and your spot in the queue to do your orientation and get 24/7 access to Quelab will be in the order of sign ups. You can sign up now to reserve your spot, but your monthly billing will be paused until you attend an orientation. I really encourage you to go ahead and sign up now — our orientation classes must happen in much smaller groups than before! So the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will get your turn at orientation. Please email if you have any questions.

A note on training: Some areas and equipment at Quelab require additional training after your orientation. We are in the process of figuring out how to best resume these types of equipment training for Quelab members while maintaining appropriate social distancing and safety practices. Some trainings are back already and more are being added as we consider the best ways to implement things for the safety of all of our members. There will be waiting lists for some trainings on our most popular areas and equipment. 

Come one, Come All to Quelab’s Virtual 10th Anniversary and Show and Tell Night!

Come one, Come All to Quelab’s Virtual 10th Anniversary and Show and Tell Night! Tuesday 6pm-9pm, July 21 on Zoom. 

Adric, Quelab founder who has been around since the beginning, will start this off with about a 10 minute slideshow and a bit of discussion about the first 10 years of Quelab then open to memories or questions, and then we will open it up for anyone in the audience to do a small 10-20 minute max show and tell.  This does not need to be a finished project or even a new project.  if you have a cool jig, hack, or tool, or garden, sewing or drawing or … whatnot you are willing to share with the creative community! This will be hosted by Adric. 

Quelabbers are welcome to invite friends.  Feel free to invite friends and share this info! The cake is a lie..  But the Show and tell is not if you show up and if you tell folks! 

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Quelab’s Fireless Fourth 2020

Merry nearly Independence Day folks.  This has been an odd year!  But I have continued my now nine year tradition of collecting STEM and STEAM and Science demos, links, and craft ideas. This is for folks to have some fun during these long day time hours before the fireworks.  Or instead of the fireworks. Or really any day!  Encouraging all to think outside the box. Expand the holiday from Booms and BBQ’s. Tinkering, and Crafting, and exploring with your family and friends (where social distancing allows)

     As usual New Mexico is in drought conditions,  so if you do play with fireworks, Please Be Safe! Have a hose and a full bucket of water handy.   Wet the surrounding area.  Be mindful of weeds, trees, leaves, and litter and other burning hazards.   

     Due to the Corona virus, many events and parties are canceled, so skim over these and see if there are any good pastimes you want to try out! 

    I hope these links and the list of links for past years posts will keep you all (no matter what your age is) amused and delighted.   

Please share this link with anyone you think might enjoy it.  


Links & Ideas:

Bomb Fizz Strawberries, 

Take a 60/40 mix of powdered sugar and baking soda,  combine in a side bowl, then with either freshly washed strawberries, (the tarter the better within reason)  dip the strawberries into the mix and tap to dust off the excess. Now eat them. What does it feel like in your mouth?  -by Adric 

Got a 3dprinter?  You can try printing this bottle opener and bottle cap shooting gun.

Firecracker goop…  poprocks, cornstarch, water, food color…

Paper Blooming Water Flower (or is it a firework burst?) 

Paint and paper tubes, to make a pretty good starburst pattern. 

Cute firework creatures.  Not in english.  But you get the drift.  (needs paint, straws, paper, googly eyes)

Know someone with a few old rusty trailer hitch balls?   You can make a pretty big spark with 2 and some foil.   Video shows with big steel rock crushing balls.  Large ball bearings… Must have round surfaces.

DIY Kalliroscope  must say (mica shimmer powder) works well.  

How To Build A Simple Ferrocell

Make a cold tornado.  Some fans, dry ice and some hot water. 

via Gfycat 

Cd+ paper pattern, plus a sunbeam = rainbow daytime fireworks. 

Neon pant,  blacklight,  jar of water.   Fun times neon fireworks.  Might be able to use the putting shaving cream trick on this for a glow under blacklight rain storm. In a jar.

Paper plate/stapler  polyhedrals.

A bunch of crayon and heatgun art ideas. (42 in 1)

3D foil art, Paper/cardboard/canvas some glue and yarn.  Then some more glue and cover with foil.  Rub down, and paint with colored sharpies.   Looks pretty cool.

DIY “laser” maze.  Streamers and tape.  For a harder version, try using cheap painters tape instead of streamers.  Now you have a sticky lazer maze.

Super simple Glue,  Construction Paper and Salt, and food coloring firework craft.

Simple Bird kite, from paper.  Can even work with no wind.  And tire out the kids. 

Paper only Flexigon.  (no tape needed) great travel toy.  6 sided fidget item. 

Suncatchers, Can lid,  clear school glue,  and those flower gems, or flat marbles or whatever you call em.  The lid is just there as a backing for the glue. And is removed when the glue is dry.

Got a drone?  Rig up a TP dropper.  Just be sure to clean it up…. I’m guessing toilet paper won’t  be so rare by the 4th.  

Link to 2019-2011 Fireless fourth links:

#nmMakesMasks — Sew Fabric Masks for Albuquerque Emergency Operations Center

(Post courtesy of #nmMakesMasks — I’ll keep this page updated with the latest info -Rebecca)

Thank you to all our sewists who have already dropped off masks! The Albuquerque Journal has an article about our efforts as well as those of other local projects. I’m so proud of our local sewing community!

Drop off masks at local fabric store Hip Stitch 2320 Wisconsin St NE, Albuquerque, 9 am-5 pm Mon-Sat. (or if you need to drop off at other times contact to get directions to a dropbox at a private home) No personal contact needed, there will be a box outside for you to drop off your masks. The box is next to their building in their private parking lot where the Hip Stitch crew can keep an eye on it during their workday and taken inside when the rest of the time. Be sure to use the box marked “EOC”/”Emergency Operations Center”. These masks are going to the Albuquerque Emergency Operations Center, they will see that the masks are washed after they receive them and distribute the masks to our first responders and essential city employees.

The Albuquerque Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is picking up on Tuesday and Friday afternoons so we can get these masks into the hands and onto the faces of our local essential city employees ASAP — to that end, we especially encourage drop offs before 1 pm on TUESDAY and FRIDAY

Example of a mask
My pleats aren’t perfect and yours don’t have to be either, you can do this! -Rebecca

Patterns — after testing, current preferred pattern is the Missouri Star Quilt Co Fabric Face Mask. Generally people are using “option 2” with ties, as elastic is as hard to find these days.

Fabric and other materials for pick up — all pick up is now happening via Hip Stitch, last I have heard there are more materials on order and will arrive soon, check the Hip Stitch website AND Hip Stitch facebook (scroll down until you find the post about masks) — I highly recommend you check both of these to save yourself an unnecessary trip!

COVID-19 Update

This page last updated December 2020.

All public events are suspended at Quelab for now.  Find info about our online events at Info on current policies for becoming a Quelab member at Questions to

We are following state orders, masks required for everyone onsite, gathering limits followed. Updates on policies are sent to the members email list, and those policies are considered to supersede the general info on this page – and this public page won’t be updated as frequently, since Quelab will not be holding any public events (other than online events of course) for some time.

“The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

You can expect that there will be public events again at an as-yet unknown point in the future. Quelab continues to look for ways we can be a resource to the maker community at this time. More info will be coming on various ways the maker community can help from home. In the meantime, here’s something you can do right now to help with COVID-19 research efforts — sign up with Folding@home to donate time on your computer to research.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ― Anne Frank

Quelab members, any special information for you will be on the member list.

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November 3 Schedule + other open houses and events

Join us for our hacknight/open house at Quelab, we are at 680 Haines Ave NW, Albuquerque

Schedule of events for Sunday November 3 
3 pm Quelab Board of Directors Meeting 
5 pm Social Hour/potluck — all are welcome, please bring a food item if you are able to do so
6 pm Community Meeting — updates on current and upcoming things at Quelab!
7 pm Open House “Hacknight” — Take a tour of Quelab and learn how YOU can become a member!

Other things to come to at Quelab:
Tuesdays — open house “hacknight”, 7 pm-10 pm
Sun Nov 10 — New Mexico Radio collectors club, 1 pm-4 pm
Tues Nov 19 — Quelab Members and friends Show and Tell, 7 pm (tours after)
Sun Dec 8 — New Mexico Radio collectors club, 1 pm-4 pm

Our Hacknights are a great place to learn more about Quelab. If you are thinking of joining Quelab, or just curious to find out more, this is the time to come and get a feel for our community of makers, tour our 11,000 square foot facility, check out the equipment in detail (everything from a wood shop to laser cutter to fiber arts to welding to darkroom to 3d printers, and too many more to list). A few members will be bringing some projects to check out and hands on maker stuff to share!

Those under 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult. Most of our equipment is “kid unfriendly” so plan to supervise any younger children closely, though we sometimes have a child friendly activity or two available.

Absolutely free to attend! All we ask for at the door is for people to check in. Quelab is a 501(c)3 organization and if you wish to offer a donation you are welcome to do so (, but we don’t have anyone sitting at the door asking for a “donation” to attend our free Hacknight. 

Ready to join Quelab and can’t make Hacknight? Good news, attending Hacknight isn’t required to become a member, all you have to do is pay your membership fees and attend an orientation and you too can be a part of Quelab! You do need to register in advance for orientation, do that here:

If YOU have an idea for something YOU are interested bringing to Hacknight — a presentation, a project, a maker activity to share — let us know! Drop us a line anytime at