Workshops and Classes held at Quelab

Workshop: Space Scenes

I would like to remind everyone about the upcoming Workshop we have planned for Wednesday 12 26 March. Our very own Spaceman Greg will be teaching a class on how to paint a stunning space scene. That’s right, Greg will be teaching you how to design your own worlds!

Wear your most rakish spray painting clothes and we’ll teach you how to spray paint your own space scene. If you want to pay at the door, let us know at and we’ll hold you a slot in our rocketship*; otherwise, sign up at our Eventbrite

Eventbrite - Painting Space Scenes

*Rocketship is metaphorical, unfortunately. It means we’ll keep a spot for you in the class

EDIT: Due to a clerical error, this class was supposed to be scheduled for 26 March, so it has been rescheduled. Launch is a go!

Classes! Workshops! (Call for Teachers)

It’s time to teach classes! The schedule is up (on paper – how old school!) in the core at Quelab. If you reserve a date, send email to the events coordinator and they’ll help you get the class rolling. Get your ideas together, and sign up tonight!

We’ve done things like Space Scenes, Oil Changes, Homebrewing, Screenprinting, Light Jars, Knitting, Personal Locksmithing, Arduino Programming, and 3D Printing Design. But that’s not all we’re about, and we’d love to have repeat classes.

In fact, we’re collaborating with ABQ Old School on hosting a class about making your own Rocket Stove, so the teachers don’t even have to be Quelab members! If you, or someone you know, has a passion about a subject (any subject) and a desire to pass along that passion, get in contact with us!

Progress, slow but sure

The new space is progressing along, slow but sure!  Here are some pics:

Rollup Door:

The garage door into the warehouse area has been trimmed out.  Last week, Bandit trimmed the two bolts protruding from the concrete, but we still need to remove the parking barrier in front of the rollup door.


3d Printing Room:

In room #10, Alfred & his brother John built this great counter & shelf.  I am thinking of stealing, er, borrowing the format for other places in the space.  It looks very professional!



Room-yet-to-be-named, you know, for crafting & junk:

We have been referring to this room (#3 on the map, for those of you keeping count) as the Crafting room, but the people that do the crafts don’t seem to like that term, so I don’t know what we are calling it.  In any case, if any of you were in the space in the first few weeks after the move, basically everything from the old space got dropped into rooms #2 & #3.  They were jam-packed. I don’t know who started the cleanout process, but I was in the space one day when Walter & Alfred were finishing it.  Addie chose this table to go into this room (though Walter & I were discussing how to re-do the damaged  trim strip around the table, so it may temporarily move to the shop for repairs, oh, “someday”, I guess).  I believe further plans call for a small counter on the east wall (where the blue cabinet is, in the below picture), and the french cleat system used in some of the shop areas may be installed in this room as well.



Gaming/Arcade Room:

This room, #2 on the map, was also jam packed from stuff during the move. I was pleasantly surprised when I came in to find it almost empty!  Walter tells me that he wants to switch rooms 5 & 2.  Room #5 was marked down as Gaming & Arcade, and indeed, we put the asteroids cabinet there during the move.  However, I agree with Walter… room 5 is narrow, and not really suited for the Arcade Cabinet (cabinetS now, I guess). Room #2 was marked for use as Library space & the open access PC.  However, room #2 is a little large for “just” that, so I think switching the two rooms makes sense to me.



Electronics Lab workshop:

Bandit has made some great progress in the Electronics space. He has a very solid base built for the counters that will be set up.  I think it might be strong enough to stand on!  We were impressed enough that Alfred used the same techniques in building the counter in room 10, the 3d Printing room.



Judo-Bots Saturday 13 July!!!

We are going to do a Judo-bot build on Saturday 13 July at Quelab 1p-4p. Fight the Judo-bots after building them! If you saw the Judo-bot at ACE, you know what they are. See for the build instructions. This is a parent-child (8-14) activity. Kits are $20. We should have an EventBrite up Real Soon Now, or just send an RSVP to board (at) with your name and contact info. See our flicr page around for pictures!

UPDATE: We had a Great turnout of 6 Judo-bot builds! One parent bought a kit at the event for himself! A member brought his two kids at the last minute (Thanks Matt!). The pictures start at – all of the parents and kids had a great time. And thanks to JT for the help.

We *really* want to do a “Teach the Teachers” version of this. If you are a teacher, or a principal who wants this sort of event, please contact the Board (board (at) and I (bandit) will work with y’all to help put an event on.


Judo-Bot event Sat 27 April for kids!

***photos are up!

We are doing a special Judo-Bot build and battle Saturday 27 April at 1-4pm at Quelab! This is for kids 8-14, maximum of 10 kids. Parents are expected to stay and help. Material costs are $10.

We will setup an online registration (probably EventBrite) – check back here for specific information.

See for what we will build.

Plus, a special surprise at the end for those who want to stick around for an extra few minutes!


Weekend Workshop: Stilts!

Ever wanted to learn to walk on stilts? The first step is to get some and try to walk on them! Peg stilts are very expensive for no good reason, so Kristen and Copper will be teaching a hands-on course in peg stilt making out of some wood, bolts, and ties at Quelab, 11am on March 2nd.

Taught by Kristen Woods and Copper Flame of The Albuquerque Aerialist Collective. The Albuquerque Aerialist Collective is an organization dedicated to the Aerial Arts. Members occasionally dabble in other arts, like juggling, acrobatics, and stilting. Copper and Kristen both learned stilting at Wise Fool NM.

This is fun for the whole family!

Please bring 1 pair of kneepads per stilt-walker; the materials to build the stilts are included in each admission price.

Eventbrite - Stilts!

Weekend Workshop: Intermediate Homebrewing

CarboyBeer. Mead. Cider. Each of these beverages have a number of things in common, but first and foremost: Yeast. This little microbe has so many tasty uses, we will gladly consume it’s products.

The other thing these libations have in common is the time-consuming process… and the delicious results. This mostly-lecture class will discuss the history of beer, and then the finisher will be showing you the process on how YOU can make your own libations, and how you can use the insatiable appetite of yeast to your own purposes.

Eventbrite - Brewing 102

On Saturday, 23 February at 1PM, we will start a batch of a Partial Grain Ale, and talk about the history and process of making beer. As an added treat, the product of our last class will be available for tasting.

Hooray Beer!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This class is 18+; NM Statute only restricts the manufacture of alcohol for sale, and the sale of alcohol to minors (21-). This generally is considered to mean that all adults can make alcohol in quantities suitable for personal consumption (aka ‘culinary purposes’); YMMV.

(Photo from Joshk@wikipedia cc-by-sa)

Weekend Workshop: Intro to Blender

Join Quelab member Kevin Wood as he gives us an introduction to using Blender (a popular 3D modelling software package) and how to do your own 3D scene modelling.

  • This will be a Crash course in not only 3D modeling, but texturing, lighting, and rendering. We will create and render a complete scene!
  • Must bring your own computer, can be Windows, Mac, Linux or FreeBSD. (Netbooks and low end laptops discouraged)
  • 3 or more button mouse highly encouraged, keyboard with numpad is also highly encouraged.

The latter is due to the advanced features which we will be taking advantage in Blender; the number pad and the mouse-wheel make using the software to it’s fullest extent very much easier. More RAM and processor power is also better, as rendering takes a goodly amount of resources. While it is possible to do without, it makes it take longer!

Eventbrite - Intro to Blender/3D Modeling

Join us on 9 February at 1pm for this class which will go through a rendering complete scene. This class will probably take the full three hours. You can download the full Blender suite here (current version is 2.65a).