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Holiday Hacknight Schedule

Greetings Hackers and Makers!

Just as a FYI Quelab will not be officially open for hacknights Sunday the 25th or Sunday the 1st,  Due to member holiday obligations.  This does not mean the lab has to be closed. But just dont expect it to be open (feel free to drive by and if the open sign is on, there may be someone in there! (or recently was)If there are any bored members who need a place to slip away and hack feel free to post to the members list,  or to the forums that you will have the place open. It will be up to you to make sure the place is locked up at the end of the night.

Otherwise hope to see some of you Tuesday the 27th,  for our post holiday new gadget show&tell / boxingday old gadget give away, and hacknight.

Normal Hacknight schedule will resume January 3rd, and will continue as usual on the Tuesdays and Sundays Schedule (until we get enough critical mass of members and projects to support additional hacknights/hackdays!)

Our next board meeting,(for board and members) Will be Sunday January 8th, 5-6pm,  and our planning/public meeting will be 6:30-7:30  Also on January 8th, please try and come we need input!

As always if you have questions or comments feel free to email us (its in the contact us section)

Techmas! (AGAIN!) Tuesday! This is the big geeky holiday crafting event!

Tuesday the 20th! Quelab is taking a step back from our more usual, high tech, and going for an event that can appeal to everybody, from high-tech uber geek to causal crafter. All ages, (although there may be some semi dangerous tools, and supplies that may not be appropriate for super young kids without supervison/help.

Last year Techmas, we a great success, several wreaths, and circuitboard trees were made, there were also component creatures, and musical instruments, ornaments and tree/wall hangings, and blinking nose rudolph computer mice, abominable snowmen, and much much more crafted.

As a partial list, We have circuit boards, we have components. gadgets, wire, adhesives, Shapeloc(tm)/friendly plastic, felt, papers, leather, gears, brushes, spraypaints, drillpresses, bandsaws, ordainment hooks, LED’s, batteries, aluminum cans, beads, cogs, ribbons, tape, heat shrink tube, silicone casting/sculpting putty, and much much more! What are you bringing to craft with?

My suggestion would be, obsolete memory cards, un-wanted game pieces, pretty cdr/dvdr disks, ribbons, interesting wires, clockwork/mechanical things. old gadgets… and all sorts of other generic crafting supplies!

Tuesday 12/13 and 12/20 7pm-10pm!
kids under 12 free, non members are asked to donate a minimum of $5 to cover supplies and utilities. (its one of those donate what you can sort of events)

1112 2nd Street!

Here are some photos from last year!

And some links to things to inspire you!

Board & Planning Meetings, And Deck The Lab All Sunday!

Sunday the 11th!

5pm-6pm Quelab’s board (all that are in town or can call in), will meet up and discuss the nitty-gritty details of making this space run. Members are welcome

Pizza Break. 6pm-6:30

6:30pm-7:30pm Public & Members Planning meeting, this is where we take your good ideas, and our own needs/wants and try to get them all to match up and make this the most awesome Hackerspace we can. This only works if you come and participate! So please do!

After the meeting, we will launch into a Hacknight, where we hope to spend some of it working on the Deck the Lab Build!

Reminder Tuesday the 13th, 7-10pm will be Tech-Mas!!!! This is the time to get your making/creating/decorating juices going. Feel free to bring any holiday craft supplies you want!

Up coming 2600 and Barcamp after party.

Friday, Dec 2nd, 6-9pm Quelab will be hosting the local 2600 Hacker Quarterly meeting. Its a pretty informal gathering of geeks, if you like or are curious about computers, electronics, lockpicking, tools, phones or other gadgets come on down! This is a FREE Event!

1112 2nd street NW 6-9pm

Then Saturday, there is BarCampABQ! Details can be seen here!

And when that is over we are coming back firing up the grill and having more social time at Quelab. 6-9pm!

6-9pm at Quelab

Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Heres a quick rundown, of upcoming stuff at the lab.    We are moving The board & public/members meetings from Thanksgiving weekend, to the Sunday after. Which is conveniently the first Sunday of the month.  Where we are hoping to move the future meetings to.  (this will facilitate many things including membership dues payments and some schedule issues)

Dec 2nd, Local 2600 Hacker Quarterly meeting 6-9pm (free and open to anyone curious about things)
Dec 3rd: Barcamp  After hours Social,  Snacks and beverages,  possibly even beer (donation sugested) hours? 6-9pm?
Dec 4th: 1pm-??  Insulation install fest.  We are going to be learning all about blowing insulation into attics.
5pm-6pm  Board meeting, Quelabs board and any members interested in attending,
6pm-7pm  Public/Planning meeting, public and members encouraged to attend.

7pm-10pm Deck the Lab,  This will be the first workshop where we go over the project, (this will be a 3parter)

Dec 11th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  We will look into automating holiday lights and music,
Dec 13th 7pm-10pm  TechMas!  This is a craftastic event. last year we had a lot of fun making pretty things from recycled computer parts!
Dec 18th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  Hopefully finishing up the project!
Dec 20th 7pm-10pm  Techmas part 2,  for all those who could not make part 1, wanted to do more, or need to finish up!

January 1st is when the next public meeting is scheduled.. this may change due to travel/absenteeism.

*Actually November’s meetings a being delayed until probably the 11th of December, Due to Absenteeism!

Swap Meet / Geek Fest November 19th 2

We wanted to do another big community tech yardsale.  Then we got too busy to pull it off.  Now its cold.  so we are going to do it  INDOORS!

Go find your old computers/gadgets/toys!!! and Get ready!

Recycling, Indoor Swap-Meet Fund-Raising to help build our community workspace for learning/teaching about how things work.

Quelab Albuquerque’s Maker/Hackerspace is a great place to tinker with electronics, and to take apart old things and build new and exciting things, its better than recycling, its upcycling. But we are drowning in castoffs spares and other gadgets. Help us empty our closets, and help yourself by emptying out your old closets of unused tech stuff. We are doing an indoor Swapmeet! Rather than standing around in the cold doing a yardsale, we are opening up inside, to host a Recycle your Junk Swap-meet.

Stay warm with Hot Cider and Coffee (Coffee thanks to )

Think of it as a Ham Radio Swap-Meet with even more interesting stuff! Its hard to categorize what all will be there, but a simple list would likely include, computers, laptops, gadgets, books, parts, cameras, optics, radios, toys, printers, test equipment, tools and possibly even furniture, lighting and craft supplies!

This is open to members and the public, everyone is encouraged to bring things to trade or sell! Donate whatever percent of the sale you feel like to Quelab! All Proceeds go towards buying parts supplies, consumables, and other operational expenses.

Meet interesting people who love tinkering with technology

Come/Bring things And tell everyone (especially your crazy uncle with a garage full of old gadgets!)

Further Details:

When: 8am-12pm Saturday November 19th

Where: Quelab, 1112 2nd street NW!

RSVP to sell by coming to Tuesday(8th or 15th) or Sunday(13th) Hacknights, or Email


Thank you Attendees of the Haunted Lab! (and our other Past/Future events) 1

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Haunted Lab!  Quelab puts these events on for a number of reasons.  One is just to expose people to a Hackerspace and give them ideas of things they could learn and play with in a space like ours. Hackerspaces such as Quelab, re like a self directed classroom for growing your imagination. But more importantly, they are a space where people can talk about and collaborate on ideas.

These collaborations may lead to just a little bit of learning, or a full blown product development and a successful small business startup. In today’s world its important for people to learn new skills, tricks, and ways of looking at things. I really think our nation’s future in inventing, engineering, and making won’t come about by turning out lots of cookie cutter degrees in the big schools, but through the expressions of individuality.

Another reason we put these events on is financial, to sustain Quelab and keep the dream alive. We need more people help to build this crazy synergy that usually starts with a small idea, and ends with an amazing contraption/robot/project/program…

We know a place like Quelab is not for everybody, but I think there are lots of people that don’t yet know that they need such a place. We aim to change that! And in the long run we hope that enough people come down on some of our Hacknights and try out building something, or taking something apart, or tinkering with an idea. That they get as addicted to the wondrous limitless possibility as we are!

BEAM bots 3

Who is interested in BEAM bots? Biology Electronic Aesthetic Mechanics? These are small, simple robots, built from a small number of discrete components. Part of the Aesthetic of these robots is to make a robot from a very simple analogue circuit. This is NOT something people are likely to be able to finish in a single event or hacknight. Two hacknights, perhaps. If we do this as an event, or just a way to increase hacknight participation we would want people to reserve a spot. We may want to order some slightly more expensive parts like solar panels or 555s.

Quick Reminder, of Quelab monthly meeting’s Sunday 10/30

5-6pm Board/planning Meeting: Board members meet to hashout the business details. (This is open to members)

6-7pm Public Meeting: Updates on financial stuff, and on our nonprofit status, and other space related business. (This is open to members and the interested public.)

For agenda info go here. May change up to the meeting, and will be amended with meeting notes.

After the meetings wrapup, we will have Hacknight, ($5 for non members)wherein people can see more about how we did the Haunted Lab, or get help finishing Halloween costumes/crafts, Participate in one of our previous Workshops (silicone casting Creepy jars), (Tape Ghosts), maybe even LED pumpkins. $5 materials replacement donation suggested (but not required)