Daily Archives: January 10, 2011

Hacknight Experiments to prepare for the LED Event on 29th of January! 1

Details still evolving, Walter will fill you in on more of the specifics, January 29th we will be holding a special event at Quelab, “Explore LEDs: LEDs as Art and Science”.

In addition to examples of interesting LED applications, projects and art, we are thinking of having folks play with LED’s in textiles, as jewelry, and other crafts. So I’m devoting a good portion of my Sunday and Tuesday night Hacknight’s  towards experiments involving LED’s

So far I’ve had some successes with flexible circuits using copper tape and also finding that one can run a led via a pipecleaner, and helped Walter build a small LED candelabra. Had a few non-successes: I was not able to get cheap dollar store playdough to be conductive putty using my powdered graphite nor my powdered aluminum. I’m not sure if the fault was the putty, the graphite or the proportions.   But I have a few weeks to try other things.   Not to mention I will soon have conductive thread, magnetic switches, and much much more!

The above and more related photos can be seen up on my flickr.