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Quelab’s “Haunted Lab” Haunted House event! Oct 29! 9

Taking place on Saturday October 29th from 6pm-10pm, Quelab’s Haunted Lab is a special event to showcase homemade Halloween haunted house effects built from recycled and off-the-shelf parts.  We are opening the doors and revealing the tricks and techniques behind making spooky creations.  Come see our recycled spooky bubbling chemistry lab, our animated ghosts, moving severed animated head, other home built robotic animatronics, and our extra spooky ghost cloning techniques, realistic corpses, LED Pumpkins, household silicone creations, and creepy specimens in jars. And much more!

Come on down, find the kid in you that has always dreamed of making fun effects like these. Meet with the makers, and learn the secrets.


Event Details:
Saturday October 29th 6pm-10pm
1112 2nd Street NW
Cost $10 kids under 12 and Quelab members Free!

The following Evening(Sunday 30th),  will have a public meeting at 6-7pm for anyone interested in participating in Quelab or future events,  and after that our Make/Hack-night will be devoted to helping people do some last minute Halloween builds based on things they may have seen in the Haunted Lab! Or costuming work.

Photos The Haunteed Lab, and from this month’s workshops! Check it out!
Whew, down to the wire, but we got alot of our projects and more all done! checkout this nice writeup about it in the Daily Lobo.

See you Saturday!!! Tell Everybody!

LED Jack-o-lantern workshop

LED Jack-o-lanternMake your own LED lighting system for a Halloween Jack-o-lantern.  $5(for non members) plus $5 materials.  7-10:PM, Sunday, October 23

Learn Basic soldering(No experience needed),  Learn very basic electronics.   Make and take home a cool reusable kit!  (Battery Included! pumpkin is not)

Photos from the event Can be seen here!