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A little bit of fame. (Instructables Book) 2

IMG_20121229_180301.jpg IMG_20121229_180332.jpg

Got in the mail yesterday a small christmas gift. A free Copy of Instructables Book, “Extrordinary Projects for Ordinary People

About page 301, you will find the Instructable I wrote and won Quelab 2 prizes with(even with the typos!), I’ve only skimmed the rest of the book, but its a nice tomb of neat projects to inspire!

The above link is a Quelab affiliate code, so if you buy the book through there we get a few pennies! what better thing can you think of to spend your gift cards on!

btw another holiday pro tip is, there are places you can exchange your unwanted un-usable (in my case one year i got gift card for a theater chain we don’t have), for cash or an amazon gift card. (you can also buy other cards if you like to do such things) is one of them. Then buy the book! I know, you are probably thinking. Well since these are all on instructables, why should i pay for them? Well I have to say while i do find cool projects on Instructables, this atleast has it curated down a bit, and even after months of hanging out in the new article rss feed, I keep seeing new things in this book i never did see online.

Please donate what you can, Quelab Member/Community 3d Printer Project.

And we are LIVE! Quelab’s 3D Printer Project is up on Indiegogo and we have 28 days left now!

Share the below link and don’t forget to donate!

Even if we hit our goal, we have plans to buy extra filament, or build multiple extruders, or add a netbook to the system for ease of use/portability. So please give what you can! And share the link!

As of 1 January (with 22 days left) we hit our first official stretch goal: $1100, meaning our printer will have ten different colors available!

As of 8 January (with 15 days left) we are still working towards getting enough to build a second printer for experimentation purposes. After re-evaluating our current printer expertise, we haven’t built a two-head printer before, so rather than mess up the public-use printer, we’ll use the extra funds to build an experimental printer to do the testing with the dual-head before upgrading the public printer with this awesome feature.

January General Meeting

Friends, Makers, Quelab Supporters!

Come celebrate the new year and our impending new space! We will be holding the first general meeting of the new year on 6th of January at 4:30pm. Please take a look at the agenda of the items we will be discussing, and if you have any suggestions for the agenda, please leave a comment here, or speak with a board member.

Link to Agenda Wiki Page

President’s Message

Howdy Quelabites,

First, your work on the strategic planning activities was AWESOME! ¡Gracias grande! (A big thank you) to everyone who participated. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve finished updating the minutes from the last Quelab planning meeting. Additionally, if you think of anything else that was forgotten during the meeting, or that you’d just like to add, it’s not too late. In January we will be working with this list again, and we can add more items at that time. Make sure to write them down so you don’t forget between now and then, or just email them to: board{at}quelab_dot_net.

Please keep in mind that we’re only halfway through the “Strategic Planning” for 2013. In January we will review this “ALL the Things!?” list and organize it into categories that make sense. Then we’ll figure out which items are the highest priority to Quelab membership (Yes, that’s you!). We can’t do it without your help, so we’ll see everyone after the holidays (6 Jan 2013 at 4:30pm) to kick off the new year.

Again, thank you for all your input, and for your help at the upcoming January planning meeting. I can’t wait for everyone to get these ideas rolling in 2013!

Quelab prez

Techmas 2012

This year, we will be continuing our annual ‘Techmas’ theme for December’s hack-nights. What is Techmas? They’re open craft nights; you can come and make decorations from old hardware, fabricate hand-made gifts, or plan out the schematic for your incredible light-display.

So, here’s the unofficial and rather free-form schedule of Techmas Events:

If you don’t see a particular craft you’re interested in doing, come on down during our hack-nights on Tuesday and Sunday evenings from 7-10pm, and utilize our workshop space to craft your own project. All we ask is that non-members pay a $5 donation to keep the lights on.

We wish you a happy techmas, and a hackish new year!

A little vacuum forming. 3

Lastnight during hacknight we played a little bit with the small (5×5) vaccumformer (DentiFormer) i picked up off of craigslist. Its heater coil is burned out, and we didn’t have any of the proper thermoplastic sheets for it, but hunting around the lab we were able to find some various disposable meal containers, and water bottles and milk jugs to try. we used the heat gun in loo of the heater working, it was all just trial and error, but by the end of the evening Morgan had done 2 pretty good vaccuforms (they didn’t get photographed). but here is some of our playing with it.

These and more photos Here!
Im going to work on replacing the heater, and look for better blanks. so it may be a few months, but what would you like to try vacuforming? I think there is great potential for vaccuforming things off of 3d printed moulds! Sometime soon I’m going to try to make a steampunk pendant that holds my bluetooth headset. If threes enough interest we could always build a bigger one!

Weekend Workshop:Homebrewing Basics

CarboyBeer. Mead. Cider. Each of these beverages have a number of things in common, but first and foremost: Yeast. This little microbe has so many tasty uses, we will gladly consume it’s products.

The other thing these libations have in common is the time-consuming process… and the delicious results. This mostly-lecture class will discuss the history of beer, and then the finisher will be showing you the process on how YOU can make your own libations, and how you can use the insatiable appetite of yeast to your own purposes.

Eventbrite - Homebrewing Basics

We will start a batch of a kit Hefeweisen, and talk about the history and process of making beer.

Hooray Beer!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This class is 18+; NM Statute only restricts the manufacture of alcohol for sale, and the sale of alcohol to minors (21-). This generally is considered to mean that all adults can make alcohol in quantities suitable for personal consumption (aka ‘culinary purposes’); YMMV.

Photos from the event are now up in our Flickr pool, check them out here!

and email if you missed it and would like to take another one!

(Photo from Joshk@wikipedia cc-by-sa)

December General Meeting

Quelab is YOUR hackerspace.

What are your goals and ideas for the year ahead? Please join us for the annual planning meeting on Sunday, 2 December at 4PM. At this meeting we will come up with the priorities for the upcoming year. This work may spill over into the January meeting so please add that to your calendar too. We are conducting this planning during our public business meetings because your opinion matters. Here’s a sneak peak at the agenda so you’ll know what to expect:

  • (45 min) Year in review: What was the best thing at Quelab in the past year? What would you like to do again? What was our biggest accomplishment?
  • (1 hr) “ALL the Things?”: Develop a list of to do items using various techniques: What are the big picture tasks? What are the implementation details? Everything goes on the list now.
  • Categorize the laundry list of “ALL the Things?”: Now that we have everything, let’s try and organize it. Are there obvious categories for groups of tasks? Can like items be combined?
  • Within each category, add priorities.

To see the results of the 2011 strategic planning meeting go to the Quelab wiki: 6 Nov 2011 Minutes. If you have any questions about what to expect, please ask. I’d be happy to answer any questions about what’s on tap for the planning session. -Greg Moran, Quelab Prez (board at quelab dot net)

Link to Agenda Wiki Page Which now has the meeting notes in the bottom of it.

Support Quelab! Buy Stuff!

Help us support Quelab when you buy stuff from Amazon. Click on any of the following links when you start shopping and a portion of your purchase price will go to Quelab and enable us to buy cool things for the lab, no matter what you purchase! You just have to start on one of the items below.

So, while you’re going through your wish list, or your ‘gimme’ list, consider Quelab:

Consider purchasing a Lab Coat, to be a stylish mad scientist; if functional is more your thing, try out a set of Yellow Chemical Protection Coveralls. If you’re thinking about projects to build over the holidays, try out Lego Mindstorms (Device, Books) or even general Science Education materials.

If you’re thinking more outside the box, you can see what they’ve got for Electronic Components, buy those resistors and transistors and batteries to build the robots! (Pretty much everything in the Industrial & Scientific section is eligible for our associates links, even this spool of 1.75mm Blue Glow in the Dark ABS Filament).

And if you’re interested in that Black Friday, or Cyber Monday thing…try Amazon’s official Black Friday Deals Week link-thing.

.. wait. there’s such a thing as an Inflatable Beard?

3D Printing Maker Meetup

Coming Soon (this Thursday, 15 November), Make: Magazine will be releasing their special “Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing” (did you see that Dilbert?). To celebrate, they’re throwing a Hangout on Google+, as well as coordinating groups of Makers to get together and talk about making things.

If you’re interested in 3D-printing, if you have a 3D-Printer, or if you have no idea what I’m talking about, come on out and see what this whole thing is all about. Whether you’re a designer, inventor, hacker, tinkerer, or weekend DIYer–anyone interested in finding out more about 3D printing and design is welcome! Bring your laptops, tablets, smartphones to access the Internet and G+ Hangout On Air.

Meetup Event