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Installing the Arduino Development Environment on LINUX 2



After a few of us discovered how needlessly complicated many of the setup guides were for Debian/Ubuntu systems, we decided to do a quick tutorial on the steps to get started with Arduino as a public service.

Quick install directions for people using a Debian based LINUX distro, like Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre gcc-avr avr-libc
Then get the package for your platform from, 32 or 64 bit linux.
Unpack the archive:
tar xvf Downloads/arduino*.tgz

Put a symbolic link to …/arduino???/arduino on your path:
cd /usr/local/bin
sudo ln -s ~/arduino-0023/arduino

Open the IDE, arduino& on the command line, and select the correct serial port possibly ttyACM0.

Bam Done!

Install a launcher for /usr/local/bin/arduino if desired.

ABQ Sprout

ABQ Sprout
sponsors a dinner where people present grant proposals.
The winning proposal takes home the bulk of the money charged for the dinner.
The winning proposal usually has some “benefit to the community”.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday, Jan 22 (extended one week). They do not have many proposals!

If you want to propose, go for it!

If you have an idea that Quelab can propose, please let us know, and
perhaps we can work together on a Quelab proposal.

Either way, I hope some of us can attend, and if any of the proposals
seem like they could be assisted by Quelab, we can offer support.

They need volunteers, contact them if you can help.
Support kitchen staff is needed, and if you are not “certified”
you will need to attend a food service training which is being
offered for free to volunteers.

They also need donations of dishes, glasses, and flatware.
If you have dishes, or know of a restaurant changing their
settings, PLEASE let them know.


Planning to cure some bacon week after new year’s. If you want to join, get those pork bellies in brine NOW, and follow:
Bacon Forum

Kellers got bacon this AM, 1/9/2012. Act fast to reserve some before they freeze it!

Reminder, Friday is the next 2600 meeting. 1

Quick link back in time explaining what a 2600 meeting is, and why you might care.

Friday 6-9pm Geekery and Gadgets.

But if you are interested, they are always the 1st Friday of the month, and they are free events.

Meetings Sunday January 8th!

Quick reminder,  join us for our monthly General Meeting this Sunday and help us out getting this new year off on the right foot!

Big news! We are now a registered NM Non-Profit and we are very close to having everything ready with our 501(c)3 sponsor,  so we need to get hopping on hunting down some donors, and grants!  We need you for that!

Members are encouraged to come sit in on our Board Meeting,  5-6pm

Stay or arrive for some pizza. 6:00-6:30pm

Members and the public are encouraged to come to our planning meeting,  6:30-7:30ish pm

Stay afterwards for hacknight!

This is all at our headquarters, 1112 2nd Street NW!  Be there!