Daily Archives: January 17, 2013

Weekly Alibi Education Issue is out.

A Few weeks ago we were visited by one of their writers, and he did a very nice Nearly full page article about his visit. Please go to your nearest Alibi stand and go pick it up We are on page 12!

If you live far away or are getting to this late, here is the link http://alibi.com/feature/43885/Hack-the-High-Desert.html

If you live nearby, please consider tearing out this sheet and making sure it gets put up somewhere that interested people might see it! And Continue reading the whole edition is quite good!

Aaron Swartz Remembered

Among the hacker-sphere this past week, there has been an uproar concerning the suicide of one of the Progenitors of the Internet, Aaron Swartz. This brilliant entrepreneur who was responsible for RSS 1.0 and is considered as a co-founder of Reddit, committed suicide on 11 January 2013 amid an ongoing investigation surrounding a theft of data from JSTOR (an online repository of academic journals).

Many other people have written more, priviliged, detailed, and informed commentary about the case, the surroundings, the impact, and the man that was Aaron Swartz. I encourage you to read the remembrances on the memorial blog and read more on both the case and the circumstances which led to his death in general.