Daily Archives: February 21, 2013

Google Science Fair 2013

Greetings Quelabites!

Did you know that Braile was invented by a teenager? Did you know that Ada Lovlace got interested in mathematics at age 13? Did you hear about the Kenyan boy who designed an lion-scaring device at age 13? It’s obvious that starting with science and technology at a young age is possible, and laudable.

Google, Scientific American, LEGO Group, CERN, and National Geographic are joining together to start the 2013 Google Science Fair, where they’re encouraging students world-wide from 13-18 to submit their projects. They’ll take these entrants through 30 April 2013, and in June announce the 90 semi-finalists (30 from the Americas; 30 from Europe, Middle East & Africa; and 30 from the Asia & Pacific region), and then judges will pick the top 15 contestants to be judged in the finals in September.

So if you, or a young hacker you know, is interested in competing in an International science fair with sponsors like CERN and Scientific American, and have an idea to change the world, check out the video from the Google Blog, then head over to www.googlesciencefair.com and register.

Sounds pretty cool! Almost makes me want to be 16 again!