Daily Archives: April 15, 2014

Upcoming Classes – 19 & 20 April

Coming soon to Quelab are two classes on making your own things.

[Geoff] will be teaching a class on making your own screen printed t-shirt, bag, or tote. On 19 April, from noon-2pm, we’ll teach you how to do it, and we’ll supply the paints. You’ll leave with something you screen printed yourself and the know-how to do it again on your own. Bring something you’d like to screen print and an idea of a single-color design you’d like print, and we’ll provide the rest.

Screenprinting Basics powered by Eventbrite

[Adric] will be teaching you about making handmade holograms. On 20 April from 4-6pm, he will teach you some of the basics of holograms and reflection, and then we will discuss the concept of abrasion holograms. And then you will make a few!

Our Hand Drawn holograms are sunlight visible (no need for special lasers). However, they do require a pinpoint lightsource to view well, so they may not show up well inside (sort of like many classic foil holograms). They may not have the same level of detail as foil holograms, but you will be able to transfer a 3d geometric shape onto clear plastic, then see that object float in the plastic and allow you to see around it from side to side. Each person will be able to make several holograms, and we will send you home with the tools required.

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