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Fundraiser at Color Wheel Toys November 6

Quelab is holding a fundraiser with Color Wheel Toys! Tuesday November 6 from 10 AM to 6 PM. Note this is at Color Wheel Toys (3418 Central SE), NOT at Quelab! Be sure to mention “Quelab” at the checkout counter (or print out a flyer and bring it with you to show when you checkout) and a portion of your purchase will benefit Quelab!

Personally I’m really excited for this fundraiser because I visited Color Wheel several times during their pop up shop last year. They specialize in “toys that require imagination” and I think it’s a store that many makers would enjoy. I found some great science and STEM/STEAM gifts for kids and adults on my list, plus some extra gifts that were just a dollar or two “in case”, and — let’s be honest here — some nifty stuff for myself too. I’d always wanted one of those marble run toys, and there’s a nice selection of glow in the dark stuff. I bought a pile of their combo pen/stylus/screwdriver/ruler/level things for myself and gifts too.

There’s one other thing I rather liked about this store that I didn’t even realize until I overheard another shopper talking with the owner. The toys aren’t divided up by gender, which is particularly nice if you are shopping for yourself — because why should I have to decide if I want girls LEGO or boys LEGO? At Color Wheel Toys there’s just one LEGO section AND it has a bulk bin where you can pick out exactly what you want.

While Color Wheel Toys will be open through the end of December, remember it’s ONLY on Tuesday November 6, 10am-6pm that you can help out Quelab while you shop — AND you need to mention Quelab at the checkout counter or show them a flyer. (Full page flyers here, 4 per page here — give some to friends!)




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