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#nmMakesMasks — Sew Fabric Masks for Albuquerque Emergency Operations Center

(Post courtesy of #nmMakesMasks — I’ll keep this page updated with the latest info -Rebecca)

Thank you to all our sewists who have already dropped off masks! The Albuquerque Journal has an article about our efforts as well as those of other local projects. I’m so proud of our local sewing community!

Drop off masks at local fabric store Hip Stitch 2320 Wisconsin St NE, Albuquerque, 9 am-5 pm Mon-Sat. (or if you need to drop off at other times contact rebecca@quelab.net to get directions to a dropbox at a private home) No personal contact needed, there will be a box outside for you to drop off your masks. The box is next to their building in their private parking lot where the Hip Stitch crew can keep an eye on it during their workday and taken inside when the rest of the time. Be sure to use the box marked “EOC”/”Emergency Operations Center”. These masks are going to the Albuquerque Emergency Operations Center, they will see that the masks are washed after they receive them and distribute the masks to our first responders and essential city employees.

The Albuquerque Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is picking up on Tuesday and Friday afternoons so we can get these masks into the hands and onto the faces of our local essential city employees ASAP — to that end, we especially encourage drop offs before 1 pm on TUESDAY and FRIDAY

Example of a mask
My pleats aren’t perfect and yours don’t have to be either, you can do this! -Rebecca

Patterns — after testing, current preferred pattern is the Missouri Star Quilt Co Fabric Face Mask. Generally people are using “option 2” with ties, as elastic is as hard to find these days.

Fabric and other materials for pick up — all pick up is now happening via Hip Stitch, last I have heard there are more materials on order and will arrive soon, check the Hip Stitch website AND Hip Stitch facebook (scroll down until you find the post about masks) — I highly recommend you check both of these to save yourself an unnecessary trip!