Moving Hall of Fame

Quelab is moving!

Having fully outgrown our old space, we have located and leased a new, larger location. We earlier completed an Indiegogo campaign to fund our move to this location, and we thank all our donors. Without further ado, here is the Hall of Fame:

Aaron HarperXerocraft Hackerspace

Jerry Cross

Evan Greenlee

Rebecca Snyder

Andrew P Collins

Alisa Tan

Bob Tilley

Lauren Teffeau

Greg Derrick

Geoff Nicholson

John Hawley

Igor Dernov

Eric Sandine

David Ferrance

Shawn “BigDumbJerk” Tanner

Ed “ElKab0ng” Figgs

Tania Parrillo

Ryan Gray

Aaron Scutt

Greg Moran

Gabriel Ortiz

Eric R. Lee

Alfred Cochrane

Josh Bien

Kurtis Nusbaum


Charel Morris

Geoffrey Escandon

Patrick Gage Kelley

Christopher Suski

John Cochrane

Mathew Richmond

Jeff Woods

Jamii Corley

Sam Noble

Tim Trujillo

Katheryn Helean

Ben Riggs

Eric P Sandine

Dave Ackley

Ochressandro Rettinger

Jon Bringhurst

Kenneth Hargis

Evan Locke

bandit gangwere

Gene Stillman

Walter Duran

Jeremy Hoel