HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER (current as of April 2021)

Visit Quelab

Virtual tour available at

Currently in-person tours are by appointment ONLY (Masks required) Contact to reach our volunteer team and set up your personal tour of our 10,000 square foot makerspace.

Ready to become a Quelab member? You are in the right place, keep scrolling down to sign up!

Why are there no orientations listed on the schedule? The membership steward will email you directly to set up your orientation time, there are no “drop ins”. Orientations have resumed, in very small groups according to the state orders — and your spot in the queue to do your orientation and get 24/7 access to Quelab will be in the order of sign ups. You can sign up now to reserve your spot, but your monthly billing will be paused until you attend an orientation. I really encourage you to go ahead and sign up now — our orientation classes must happen in much smaller groups than before! So the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will get your turn at orientation. Please email if you have any questions.

A note on training: Some areas and equipment at Quelab require additional training after your orientation. We are in the process of figuring out how to best resume these types of equipment training for Quelab members while maintaining appropriate social distancing and safety practices. As of April 2021 most trainings are back already and more are being added as we consider the best ways to implement things for the safety of all of our members. As our state becomes more open we expect there will be waiting lists for some trainings on our most popular areas and equipment, we recommend starting your membership as soon as possible so you can sign up for training.

You MUST be signed up as a member prior to attending an Orientation. Only those people already signed up as new-pending members can attend an Orientation. The orientation steward will be in touch after you complete the online portion of the registration, or you can email New member orientation is required for all new members before access to the space is granted.

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