A little bit of fame. (Instructables Book) 2

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Got in the mail yesterday a small christmas gift. A free Copy of Instructables Book, “Extrordinary Projects for Ordinary People

About page 301, you will find the Instructable I wrote and won Quelab 2 prizes with(even with the typos!), I’ve only skimmed the rest of the book, but its a nice tomb of neat projects to inspire!

The above link is a Quelab affiliate code, so if you buy the book through there we get a few pennies! what better thing can you think of to spend your gift cards on!

btw another holiday pro tip is, there are places you can exchange your unwanted un-usable (in my case one year i got gift card for a theater chain we don’t have), for cash or an amazon gift card. (you can also buy other cards if you like to do such things) is one of them. Then buy the book! I know, you are probably thinking. Well since these are all on instructables, why should i pay for them? Well I have to say while i do find cool projects on Instructables, this atleast has it curated down a bit, and even after months of hanging out in the new article rss feed, I keep seeing new things in this book i never did see online.