Giving new life to a Segate DockStar

Or, how I learned to hack things.

We at the Lab had a Segate DockStar kicking around, taking up space. I had been looking for a tiny NAS to run some home storage things, so a donation to the kitty later and away I go. However, I couldn’t put my 2.5″ PATA adapter onto it stock, so it needed a new home. That home happens to be sandwiched between some slabs of Inventables plexiglass. I’m kicking myself for not taking more pictures, but the overall design is pretty simple: Two sheets of plexiglass.

Demoscene hack with the ChipKIT 8

A while back, We got a ChipKIT box in the mail. Hmm, I thought: What could I do with such an interesting little device? I was mentally gone the entire month of november, due to working a major local event. So, after coming back to my senses I asked “What’s the catch?”

The catch was “Do something awesome.” I was always fascinated by the old Amgia/C64 Demoscene and have always wanted to nudge something cool out of myself. Well, I did, and its kinda cool; I just finished it to a nice, polished place this morning and got a video up on youtube this morning. There’s some neat things in here: the “starfield” is really a moving graph that uses some fancy trigonometry to make pretty pictures.

A touch of afterthought: The audio was overlayed by myself. I currently have some small plans to play audio on the board though.

Video in action