Quelab Meeting Announcements

Need Geeky Social Time? Come to the 2600 meeting.

Quelab, is as usual hosting the local 2600magazline, “hacker” meeting/social. This Friday 6pm-9pm (Its always the 1st Friday of the month.)

We geek out on all sorts of stuff, from lasers, to lockpicking, to computer security, to rov-robotics, photography, circuit’s/circuitbending, games, radio…. yada yada!

Its free to attend, and 1.5 blocks away from a nice source of Beer!

General Meeting Tonight

Our awesome sign!
(Photo credit: Flickr/.dh)

Our monthly general meeting is tonight at Marble Brewery at 6pm. We’ll be discussing next month’s theme, as well as brainstorming themes for the future. As always, our general meeting is open to everyone, members and non-members alike. If you have some ideas for things you would like to see at Quelab, come by and let us know!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Meeting, Hacknight, And special event 1

Sunday the 2nd of January, 6pm!  Come Attend our open meeting, If you are interested in being involved in stuff at Quelab,  If you have Ideas or input on the events and activities and future of Quelab.  Find a Sitter,  Poke your interested friends, update your PDA/smartphone/calendar!

This meeting is open, membership is encouraged but not required!  Because we want input from folks,  Help us make this the type of place that makes you interested in taking part of this space!

Scratch down a few notes or things, projects, or subjects, events, ideas  you may have and bring with you.

We will supply an update on current and future projects and events!  Such as LED month!

Meeting is 6pm-7pm at Quelab 1112 2nd street NW, Get there on time if you want to be sure you will have a seat!


Before that is a special event, (looking like 2pm, we will be learning about techniques to transfer toner to etch pcboards.   This is a fairly small event with limited supplies,  so if interested rsvp via the email list!


After the meeting(7pm), is our First Hack/Makenight of the year, we may continue with projects based around the PCB etching, or may continue on with the player piano roll reader and other projects.

505 area 2600 meetings first Friday of the month. 6pm-10ish

Throwies made and thrown at previous meetings.

I wanted to slap up a quick post here to mention the fact that since Quelab opened,  its been the host of our local 2600 meetings.

2600 magazine started in 1984 as a small mimeographed zine, and has continued to be a publication where a lot of people have cut their teeth on technology/security/hacking/tinkering.  It has a pretty low bar in terms of how to get published so sometimes the articles are a little basic, but all in all its a fun little magazine.

Around 1996 I started getting interested in hosting meetings here in Albuquerque,  To help get the local geeks together, sharing resources,  talking technology.  Mostly just build a little community.    The idea came to me while i was recovering from surgery, I was unsure if anyone aside from my friends would even show up.   It took over a year to get listed in the back of 2600,  but eventually we did.  And we have been having meetings ever since.

Started off at Winrock Mall, eventually moved to UNM’s Student Union building,  Then due to limited access hours, we tried out a less public venue, A local private club. (which was too smoky for some members), and finally now its at Quelab,   Where attendees can checkout our fine workspace, and perhaps become future members!

So If you are interested in Phones, Computers, Gadgets, Software, Programming, Security, or just general geek culture, feel free to drop in, at Quelab 1112 2nd st NW 6:00pm-10pm first Friday of the month.