February Meeting moved to Sunday the 8th

Generally, we hold our General Meeting on the first Sunday of the month. Some of you might be aware that there is a popular gridiron sports event being televised on this day in February.   Traditionally this has not caused any changes in Quelab’s schedule,  but we are trying something different, both out of sensitivity to the needs of our members who are part of the sportsball community and to those members who have alternative celebrations scheduled.

February’s General Meeting is being held one week later, on Sunday the 8th. Safety training will be discussed at this meeting, so we’d like as many people to be able to attend as possible. Quelab members and interested non-members are all welcome to attend. Please come!

Pre-meeting potluck and socializing starts at 4 PM, and the meeting will start at 5:05 PM.  See you then!

March General Meeting

Greetings Makers!

The shortest month of the year ends Friday, which means its member meeting time again. Come out this Sunday March 2nd for our potluck and member meeting. Always awesome food and a great time! Bring something if you can, and remember our meetings are always free and open to everyone!

We’ll be starting at 4:30pm MT with the business part of the meeting starting at 5pm. Please take a look at the agenda of the items we will be discussing, and if you have any suggestions for the agenda, please leave a comment here, or speak with a board member.

We’d like to get our Five Minutes of Fame talk going again this month, so if there’s anything you thing you’d like to be able to talk about for five minutes, please let us know!

Agenda Link
680 Haines NW (Thats 3 blocks southand one block west of the 6th street freeway exit!)

Welcome to the new Quelab board of directors.

Thank you all whom attended or sent in a proxy ballot. Your input is very important to the future of Quelab!

One minor change to our bylaws was made under full board consensus, and that was to drop the Quorum requirement from 70% to 60% to better reflect our active vs mostly non-local/non-active membership ratio.

I don’t think that folks could have picked wrong with the candidates on the ballot. Everyone involved was passionate and would have been a fine choice, but while many of the previous members were re-elected we did change out 3 seats.

Please welcome our new and returning Board members,
Walter Duran, Ray Finch, Addie Fryweaver, Cameron Goble, Adric Menning, Charel Morris, and Geoff Nicholson. These folks are all here for the betterment and continuation of Quelab, if you have questions or problems or anything they can help with please contact one or more of them!

For everybody else there is a lot of room for help, and especially lots of room and need for Officers(the people who are effectively the managers and taskforces for areas and activities).

ABQ Comic Expo 2013

Sooner than it feels possible, but ABQ Comic Expo is coming! At the ABQ Convention Center June 21-23, Quelab has been assigned Booth #521 with the Star Wars Cosplayers behind us. We’ve got a 10×20 booth, which means we have twenty feet of aisle-space to show off the cool things which Quelab members have made, are making, and plan to make.

This is our opportunity to show off why Albuquerque has a hackerspace, and what a hackerspace can do for the ACE attendees. Now, this isn’t the Artemis booth, this is the “come see the cool stuff we do” and ‘drop in hackerspace’ booth. (Hopefully, this year, “cool things” doesn’t include the air-conditioner).

We need to be able to find the same amount of cool things to show off to the public, and we need LOTS more swag to both sell and give away. Learning from last year, we need plenty of Cheap Freebies (flyers, cards, etc) to give away, and not so much swag, unless it’s Maker Faire pins or soldering kits (with a free, on the spot class). We also need to have people sign up to man the booth, as well as setup on Friday Afternoon and teardown on Sunday Evening.

So who has a thing to show off?
And stay tuned for a big announcement regarding the Artemis project…