Special Price — The time to join Quelab is now!

Quelab: A place to make things, a community of makers!

For new members, we are offering a one time amazing discount on annual membership.* The 2020 Bonanza Annual membership is offered at the never-before-seen price of $240. Been putting off joining Quelab?  Sign up for yourself, or get that special maker signed up to be a part of this wonderful thing that we call Quelab: Albuquerque’s volunteer-run Makerspace!

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If you would like to gift a membership, simply enter the email for your giftee when asked for an email address. You’ll want to go ahead and let your giftee know right away about their wonderful and exciting Quelab membership, as they might get some emails from us. 

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* Bonanza deal in place until 1-10-2020 [EDIT — sale extended to February 7, 2020].   New member cannot have been a member during the previous twelve months. Members must be at least 18 years of age.