Floor Resurfacing (CLOSED 2-4 APRIL)

Greetings everyone; the Tsar of Maintenance here…

Quelab is not closing for good, but we do have to close the space temporarily for a few days in the first week of April. As part of the work that our landlord originally scheduled for November (before we were supposed to be moved in) we were going to have the tile floors in the lab cleaned and sealed…they’ve finally gotten around to doing it.

This means we have to remove everything from the floor in these rooms so the contractor can come in and work on the floors. Then we can’t walk on them for a day or two while the sealant cures. The rooms affected will be 1, 49, the Core, the Kitchen, the hallways, and the bathrooms. Since this covers our exterior doors and most of the lab space itself, we have no choice but to close while this is done.

To this end, Quelab will be closed from 2 April until 4 April (the week before the general meeting). Additionally, we will need help at the hacknights on 1 April and 30 March to move all of the contents of these rooms out to make space for the workers, and then help again before the general meeting on 6 April to put everything back.

Sign up to help with the moving in the linked gDoc, and in the words of Douglas Adams “we apologize for the inconvenience”.

Workshop: Space Scenes

I would like to remind everyone about the upcoming Workshop we have planned for Wednesday 12 26 March. Our very own Spaceman Greg will be teaching a class on how to paint a stunning space scene. That’s right, Greg will be teaching you how to design your own worlds!

Wear your most rakish spray painting clothes and we’ll teach you how to spray paint your own space scene. If you want to pay at the door, let us know at and we’ll hold you a slot in our rocketship*; otherwise, sign up at our Eventbrite

Eventbrite - Painting Space Scenes

*Rocketship is metaphorical, unfortunately. It means we’ll keep a spot for you in the class

EDIT: Due to a clerical error, this class was supposed to be scheduled for 26 March, so it has been rescheduled. Launch is a go!

Kids in the 1930’s Didn’t have xbox. So they played with Rockets!

Lets do it again!

Hopefully to excite you about rockets(and our big event on the 30th), here is a Modern Mechanics Scan, of a article published in February 1930! Basically its about a rocket powder one could buy back then, that went into a engine tube strapped to a model airplane. (effectively a J.A.T.O./R.A.T.O)


Get busy and Make things!

Event: Air, Space, and Beyond! July 30th

spaceman Thats right, we are prepping to launch our next big event.

This one is all about the bits of science that go woosh, boom and whee! Its going to be really are exciting.

We are going to have some folks showing off some amateur rocketry(the big stuff), We will be bringing back the human powered water/air rockets(ahh so refreshing!)

We are going to be having some paper plane building/testing contests.

If weather is good we are going to try and launch a large tethered balloon with a teeny video camera on it for some aerial photography.

After dusk, we are going to try and have a few astronomy related demos, Including a member from TAAS with his 17.5″ telescope! and still more ideas yet to be worked in!

We also have numerous guests invited to show and tell. Including the Challenger Learning center of NM

$10 Adults, (all proceeds go directly to keeping the space open and towards funding our future events), kids under 12 free with adult. As always Quelab Members always get in free!

Thats at 1112 2nd street NW
Starting: 5:00pm-going until 10pm
Saturday July 30th

BTW we are now less than 10 days from the end of our IndiGoGo micro funding fundraiser. we are still less than half of our goal, if you can spare any change please donate it, if you have already then please spread the word! We need your help!

You or your kids a Space Nut?

Check this out, its conveniently themed around our month’s theme of Earth Sky and Air!
The Challenger Learning Center They are having exciting simulated space mission adventures! Right here in Albuquerque!

Give them a checkout, and then come to one or more of our Build/Hack/Make nights and help us plan some whopping fun times for our big “Earth, Sky and Air” event the last Saturday of the month!