Join us for a Techmas Celebration!!!


Here at Quelab,

we’re pretty stoked to have

such an AMAZING group of people

all gathered together in the name of Make.

You know?

By the way, YOU make Quelab awesome and we want you to know we appreciate that.

So we decided to throw YOU a party, you Quelabber, you,

to say thank you and to celebrate maker-ness.

Please Join us for….

(an enthusiastic drum roll, please!)

TECHMAS 2014!!!!





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TechMas 2010 2

Merry TechMas to you all!  Last night we kicked off our first big geeky holiday crafting event.  I only captured a small fraction of the very cool creations people made.  There were motherboard Xmas trees, wreaths made out of ISA cards (the photo to the left does not do it justice!), cellphone wreaths,  bobbleheaded mice with blinking noses, evil killer robot snowmen,  musical heatsyncs,  folded CD  ornaments,  model magic creations,  rubber stamp creations,  and much much more!

Best of all, some folks had a chance to get first time experience using a drill press, an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel attachment, a powered jigsaw, and a heat gun to knock components off of circuit boards!

You can see my photos linked below.  I’m hoping people who took crafts home post links to photos!

Great event all!  I look forward to many more in the future!

PS, don’t forget to get up and look at the moon early Tuesday morning!

TechMas! 1

Join us for a TechMas themed hackday!On December 19th, a geeky, Make Magazine-style crafting and wrapping and upcycling/recycling event.  Build stuff you can take home to admire, or build that last moment gift!

Sunday December 19th,
1112 2nd street NW (use the side door)
Suggested Donation, $5 for non members.

Bring whatever crafting supplies you think might be handy. This can include obsolete hardware, cd’s, dvd’s, papers, colorful cables wires, lenses, markers, glue, tape, and whatnot!

(Image via BoingBoing)