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 +Meeting at marble was sparcely attended,  Gabe, Walter, Adric, And Ray
 +Notes are as follows:
 +--Event Recap--
 +    * Attendance was down from January, less interesting topic/too  constrained,short month, lots of folks dropped the ball on advertising
 +    * Robots month, must start early!
 +      * Build a calendar and [[http://quelab.net/old_wiki/index.php?n=Main.MediaContactList|media contact list]] for these events, and timetables for publishing details
 +        * list sofar: Alibi, DCF, NMTechCal, LocalIQ, Lobo, Craigslist, ABQ Journal
 +      * Looking for members in EE and CS department that can  post listserve notices. (looking for folks with projects to show  off/attend)
 +      * Contact Explora, or CEC  or other learning centres, also to see if they have projects to demo or want to attend.
 +      * Better at networking, we need to invite fablab and other kindred spirits.
 +      * Looking for cool kits, or simple beam (solarbotics) bots we can  make kits for, deadline for some ideas is Wednesday (hacknight or via  email)
 +      * Get bristle bot parts ordered
 +      * Must advertise/spread the word about the Temperature controller talk here 03/15 at 7pm,
 +        * Talk to him about a interview about Holy Scrap Hotsprings, and his other projects
 +      * Try to contact invento of beam bots up in los alamos
 +    * April Earthday theme?  possibly a daytime event?
 +    * June and August, possible table space at Abq Comic Expo, and Bubonicon,
 +    * June or May, Steampunk theme?
 +    * projects section needed in the blog, wherefolks can note progress ask for help. (perhaps a forum?)
 +    * logo/business card /sticker design still needs doing.  possible Wordpress website tweaking.. Steen was mentioned.
 +    * approved the idea of non quelab events renting the place. (might request a member is involved, or a membership obtained first)