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 +Meeting 05-29-20011
 +Meeting was a little better attended, Gabe, Adric, Ray, Greg And Lexi in attendance
 +Finances still really tight, We need more members, and  we need more of the occasional members to show up or at least tell us  why they don'​t/​wont anymore.
 +Music of the electrons, bigger badder and better than most of our past events, and exciting, but wound up with a lower turnout.
 +    * More members/​+1'​s?​
 +    * holiday weekend
 +    * not enough publicity on website/​blogs
 +    * not enough member manpower
 +    * no set schedule?
 +June 17th, looks like might be the day of  the concert, ​ We need to hit the ground running promoting this asap.  finding whom will be playing, ​ and figuring out the logistics.
 +Kickstarter:​ Agreed lets look into a kickstarter type funding option to get us 6months worth of breathing space.
 +    * needs perks
 +      * Tshirts,
 +      * Hackbags, (small netbook/​e-reader totes with a small tool/gadget pouch)
 +      * We need stickers
 +      * And while we are at it we need new, Business Cards.
 +        * [[https://​picasaweb.google.com/​lh/​photo/​tPyY4s106-2aScvQSbfrWg?​feat=directlink|card image]]
 +Mission Statement: ​ Greg  is going to help Gabe and the rest of us into wordsmithing a 1sheet ​ summery about how awesome it is to hack things.
 +    * Adric will take the lead if Andrew is not up for doing the PCB etching class.
 +    * We need to do an arduino event, I will buy us a few if someone is willing to take a lead on teaching a beginners class.
 +    * Adric is interested in doing a pinhole camera class perhaps in a month.
 +    * Someone want to see if Alan is still interested in a small class on ancient navigation and measure techniques?
 +    * glass blowing/​bending?​
 +    * classes for artists, (teach them to use LED's or other hackish stuff in their projects)
 +Next Event:
 +    * Electronic music concert, mid june,
 +Next Next Event:
 +    * Air and Space, (end of July)
 +      * Paper airplanes and other gliding contests
 +      * Model rockets (real models not plastic kits)
 +      * Water and water and alkaceltzer film can rockets
 +      * Air pressure/​water rockets
 +      * Balloon/ Kite photography?​
 +      * Astronomy
 +      * Static Rocket engine test
 +      * making rocket engines? (just a thought, i know someone who likes to do such things)
 +      * Launch day?
 +      * RC and and other aircraft.
 +Event ideas: ​ look into making a serious program/​schedule for the event. ​  sell ad space!
 +More effort needs to be put into the hackespace to  make it usable both just on a day to day, but also more possible for  someone to actually find a tidy space to work at!