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 +Meeting Agenda:
 +This meeting i expect will be a bit of chaos due to the bbq and all, but things we would like to go over are as follows,
 +    * Status of Indiegogo
 +      * perks
 +    * Crowd fund this
 +    * Linux night recap
 +    * privacy class.
 +    * Recent Air and Space event Recap
 +    * Memberships?​
 +    * SpaceFederation/​SchoolFactory news
 +      * Decision on if we want to partner with them
 +        * Pros?
 +        * Cons?
 +    * Next Event ideas:?
 +    * space organizing and cleanup
 +    * bigger projects? anyone want to dip their toe in?
 +Meeting notes: 18 in attendance. not all members. but mostly.
 +Bags are set, and shirts we will need to order/​print ​ (blue, or black option), ​ perhaps a full printing party. Need to see  Geoff will be about.
 +crowd fund this:  see if we can get flyers, Rebecca is interested in spreading the word [[http://​quelab.net/​wordpress/​795/​crowdfund-this-a-community-fundraiser-for-quelab/​|http://​quelab.net/​wordpress/​795/​crowdfund-this-a-community-fundraiser-for-quelab/​]]
 +linux night was good, lets do it again.(September) ​ game night too!  Walter and Geoff
 +    * Ignite 15th,
 +    * privacy event, ​ tue 23rd -gabe
 +    * steampunk stuff sat 20th Workshop event, ​ "Steam punkit up" 20th, link on bubonicon, first. look at fire mountain gems -adric
 +Bubonicon, frito pie (sat 6-8pm) ​ for con  suite, hannah contact info to us. Need more fliers there(flier table). ​ (bookmark'​s as flyers)-
 +Memberships 15!  still need more to sustain, but its helping
 +Air and space appeared to be a big hit with attendees, ​  ​higher than ever member attendance, Instructible about balloon launch ​ here [[http://​www.instructables.com/​id/​Budget-Launch-Aerial-Video-Balloon/​|http://​www.instructables.com/​id/​Budget-Launch-Aerial-Video-Balloon/​]] and photos [[http://​www.flickr.com/​photos/​killbox/​archives/​date-taken/​2011/​07/​30/​|http://​www.flickr.com/​photos/​killbox/​archives/​date-taken/​2011/​07/​30/​]]
 +Space Federation/​School Factory. ​ State level nonprofit, then sf umbrella.
 +SchoolFactory,​ Check with other folks in the group, ​ Greg can help,  any folks broken ties or just moved away from it. Wiki  discussion area, and gabe will mail out contract, lets visit this in one  week,
 +Event ideas.
 +    * Events to teach teachers
 +    * Visual/​video/​photo
 +    * haunted lab october
 +We agree we want to cleanup. ​ lets schedule let members know then pile and pick and recycle! need someone incharge!