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 +====== Meeting Called to Discuss the status of the Haines/7th location. ======
 +Bandit, Arron, Adric, Greg, Geoff, Ray, and Walter, in attendance (all BOD), Also there was Charel, and Alfred, and Lila, Barney, Danny, Josh representing the BlackoutTheatre.
 +Haines info:
 +  * Starting Price: $1350 then up to $1940 in 24 months ​
 +Things it needs:
 +  * bathroom renovation
 +  * rollup door
 +  * fire door install,
 +  * fire inspection/​certification
 +  * floors ​
 +RHannah, (charel) info dump, price is a little chunky, possible option is to rent big room for $400+util for doing classes workshops (discussed, but may be moot due to proposal below.
 +Need to do!
 +  * Investigate utilities costs/ transfer
 +  * arrange walkthrough for Blackout crew.
 +  * Come up with an agreement by tuesday, and they want to get access by the 9th (or there about) ​
 +Haines, With Blackout Theater group
 +In additional to the gdoc agreement
 +  * Dates/times Oct 10th until Halloween, thur-sun 6-10, then strike and be out by the 15th.
 +  * they will handle liability and building insurance,
 +  * They are willing to do a show at the quelab opening gala. 
 +possible issues/​questions by blackout,
 +  * they would like it stated that we would be primary contact for landlord and
 +  * Tighten up the part about cross/​advertizing in the future. (define it better or remove it, with the understanding that we would like to cross pollinate)
 +  * They need to get quelab'​s decision by tuesday, 3rd,
 +  * they would like to be in by september 9th, or as soon as possible. ​
 +-=-=-=-=-=- we need to work out the order of repairs/​improvements to get Rhannah to agree on,
 +  * A man door(fire escape) is important
 +  * can we schedule some of the rest for after halloween?
 +  * how do we make sure the agreement has teeth to hold him to it?
 +  * offer it to him as a compromise, less of the work needs to be done at once, and he gets a rent check sooner than he would otherwise. ​
 +Other notes:
 +  * we need to extend a rider for insurance into the new building. they will have liability for the show and attendees,
 +  * they are ok with paying rent and deposit, but would like to pay 1/2 full rent up front and the other half closer to the show. 
 +greg will handle initial paperwork including capturing a pdf of the agreement as it stands at time of signatures. ​