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September General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share. Date: 01 Sept 2013 Time: 4:30-6pm MT

1. Agenda Review: 2. Ground Rules () 3. Old Business

  • Haines Location Update (Charel, Walter, Ray)
  • Participation Feedback on 2nd ABQ mini-maker Faire
  • Bylaws Update (Geoff, Walter)

4. New Business

  • Tech Fiesta Events: Coworking Crawl and Ignite 14 (Walter)
  • Proposal with Blackout Theater (Alfred)
  • New Indiegogo Funding Campaign kickoff
  • PIC Club (Ray)

5. Reports

  • Treasurer's report (?)
  • 3D Printing Club (Alfred)



Geoff, Adric, Bandit, Morgan, Walter, Juli, Ray, Alfred, Sherie, Charel, Aaron, mike? meeting to start, at 5pm

Ground Rules were read,

Haines Location update,

  utilities are estimated at $400 a month, but that was for full time tenants.
  we are looking at about $200 increase per 6 months to the full $2000mo after something like 24 months,
  looks like we are on the verge of signing the lease, 

-Black out Theatre,

  they need to rent a space for a haunted house, So we are looking at rushing the lease of Haines, so they can sublet it until after Halloween.
  will need to expand a rider to cover the other building, -Geoff 


  Charel says thank you, also Christian Ristrow Sent a great thank you letter, asking what to bring next year
  1800 through the door or so.
  probably later in September next year.
      possible connected events/classes perhaps next year at Quelab/Haines 

-Bylaws update

  Finalizing them, probably by October, this is for the board to poke at 

-New Business

  Tech Fiesta,
  TedXAbq need people to man the table/setup/tear down
  Coworking crawl, Tuesday the 9th,
  Ignite14 7pm convention center,
  Blackout Theater was discussed above,
      Morgain won the contest, $2000 credit at the company
      With the credit, Ray wants to start a pic club 
  Service Learning Agency, Alfred presented the concept,
      class at CNM that requires people to go out into the community, and volunteer, or directly interact. 
  Charel, needs us to make a statement about Quelab, and some 1/2 day projects, to submit to Intel, Intel can send Intel down to do this at $20 a head,
  Charel is also looking at City/Kirtland... For Vet rehab type classes/training/projects.
      skills classes like welding, or printing, or design, selling the concept of open source, and swap-o-rama type things. 

Treasurer's Report, Greg is MIA so we dont have much more info.

3d printer club

  filament extruder had some fantastic failures, but much learning came from it,
  bigger 3dprinter, plans in the works, 

Adric talked about his visit to Xerocraft's new space.

6:10 meeting closes