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-====== September General Business Meeting Agenda: ======+his page is to document the Consensus approval of the Memorandum of Agreement between Quelab and Blackout Theater for the use of Haines location for Quarantine NM
-NOTEAll general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share. +Links:
-Date: 01 Sept 2013 +
-Time: 4:30-6pm MT+
-1Agenda Review+  * [[http://www.blackouttheatre.com/|Blackout Theatre]] 
-2Ground Rules () +  * [[http://www.quarantineabq.com/|QuarantineABQ web page]] 
-3Old Business+  * [[https://twitter.com/QuarantineABQ|QuarantineABQ twitter feed]] 
 +  * [[https://www.facebook.com/quarantineabq|QuarantineABQ on Facebook]] 
-  * Haines Location Update (Charel, Walter, Ray) +Begin email thread:
-  * Participation Feedback on 2nd ABQ mini-maker Faire +
-  * Bylaws Update (Geoff, Walter) +
-4. New Business+SUBJECT: Proposal: Quelab hosts Blackout Theater production (Email Consensus) 
 +11 messages
-  * Tech Fiesta EventsCoworking Crawl and Ignite 14 (Walter) +FROMGreg Moran <gregmoran@gmail.com> 
-  * Proposal with Blackout Theater (Alfred) +SENT: Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 12:18 PM 
-  * New Indiegogo Funding Campaign kickoff +To: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net>
-  * PIC Club (Ray) +
-5Reports+Howdy Que-board, Per last nights conversation I've made the edits we discussed, and then downloaded a PDF version of the GoogleDoc Memorandum of AgreementSee attached. What were going to try is an email consensus process. Based on last night's simple "straw poll" I feel very good that this email process is the best way forward, given the tight time constraints and people's holiday-weekend plans. 
 +I still want to make sure all official steps are followed:
-  * Treasurer's report (?) +  - proposal 
-  * 3D Printing Club (Alfred) +  - clarifying questions 
 +  - address concerns 
 +  - consensus 
-<--back+Therefore, I propose that Quelab agrees to the attached Memorandum of Agreement as written. Please read the attachment and ask any clarifying questions, or raise any concerns by the start of the Sept member's business meeting (16:30 tomorrow). That way we have time to discuss before signing the agreement wit Blackout Theater on Tue/Wed.
-Notes:+Finally, for clarity and conciseness, I ask that people DO NOT reply "inline", but reply with a complete message that outlines their question or concern. Thank you! -- Respect, -Greg Moran 
 +"I want it done right; as fast as you can. Not fast; as right as you can" 
 +-Arthur Collins
-Geoff, Adric, Bandit, Morgan, Walter, Juli, Ray, Alfred, Sherie, Charel, Aaron, mike? meeting to start, at 5pm+Attachment: @@ 2013-08-31ProposalQuarantineEventwithBlackoutTheater.pdf 122K @@
-Ground Rules were read,+FROM: Adric <adricm@gmail.com> 
 +SENT: TueSep 3, 2013 at 12:05 AM 
 +TO: Greg Moran <gregmoran@gmail.com> 
 +CC: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net>
-Haines Location update,+I have read it overand i vote Yay! i see nothing in there that stops me cold or that im questioning.
-    utilities are estimated at $400 a month, but that was for full time tenants+FROM: Ray Finch <rfinch@swcp.com> 
-    we are looking at about $200 increase per 6 months to the full $2000mo after something like 24 months, +SENT: TueSep 32013 at 12:15 AM 
-    looks like we are on the verge of signing the lease+TO: Greg Moran <gregmoran@gmail.com> 
 +CC: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net>
--Black out Theatre,+I see no issues. I vote Yes.
-    they need to rent a space for a haunted houseSo we are looking at rushing the lease of Hainesso they can sublet it until after Halloween+FROM: Aaron Birenboim <aaron@birenboim.com> 
-    will need to expand a rider to cover the other building, -Geoff +SENT: TueSep 32013 at 8:40 AM 
 +TO: Greg Moran <gregmoran@gmail.com> 
 +CC: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net>
-MiniMakerFaire,+approved as written.
-    Charel says thank youalso Christian Ristrow Sent a great thank you letterasking what to bring next year +FROM: Geoff Nicholson <Demonsthenes@meme-complex.com> 
-    1800 through the door or so+SENT: TueSep 32013 at 11:35 AM 
-    probably later in September next year+TO: Greg Moran <gregmoran@gmail.com> 
-        possible connected events/classes perhaps next year at Quelab/Haines +CC: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net> 
 +The proper term for the 'property' insurance which Quelab will be extending is "General Liability"
--Bylaws update+Otherwise, I concur and vote "YEA".
-    Finalizing themprobably by Octoberthis is for the board to poke at +FROM: Walter Duran <duran.walter@gmail.com> 
 +SENT: TueSep 32013 at 12:36 PM 
 +TO: Geoff Nicholson <Demonsthenes@meme-complex.com> 
 +CC: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net>
--New Business+Two things I would like to see changed:
-    Tech Fiesta, +1. Under Proposal Requirements it states "Be the primary contact with Richard HannaOwner Agent of 680 Haines property." I would like to see the word primary replaced with sole. I see no reason Blackout ever needs to speak with Hannah directly. 
-    TedXAbq need people to man the table/setup/tear down +2. Under Additional Notes it states "Blackout Theatre Company will obtain permissionin writingfrom Quelab before altering the space in any way seen as non­repairable. (as inmore than painting room or something)." The period needs to be removed after "nonrepairable" and we should drop the "or something."
-    Coworking crawl, Tuesday the 9th, +
-    Ignite14 7pm convention center, +
-    Blackout Theater was discussed above, +
-    PICClub +
-        Morgain won the contest$2000 credit at the company +
-        With the creditRay wants to start pic club  +
-    Service Learning Agency, Alfred presented the concept, +
-        class at CNM that requires people to go out into the community, and volunteer, or directly interact +
-    Charel, needs us to make a statement about Quelab, and some 1/2 day projects, to submit to Intel, Intel can send Intel down to do this at $20 a head, +
-    Charel is also looking at City/Kirtland... For Vet rehab type classes/training/projects. +
-        skills classes like welding, or printing, or design, selling the concept of open source, and swap-o-rama type things+
-Treasurer's ReportGreg is MIA so we dont have much more info.+With those two changes madeI would gladly vote yes.
-3d printer club+-Walter
-    filament extruder had some fantastic failuresbut much learning came from it+FROM: Aaron Birenboim <aaron.birenboim@tautechnologies.com> 
-    bigger 3dprinter, plans in the works, +SENT:TueSep 32013 at 12:42 PM 
 +TO: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net>
-Adric talked about his visit to Xerocraft'new space.+I had noticed no. 2, but did not want to slow progress, not feeling it was enough to cause a "no" vote or a delay. If we do amend, I concur with both of Walter'recommendations.
-6:10 meeting closes +aaron 
 +FROMGreg Moran <gregmoran@gmail.com> 
 +SENT:Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 8:30 PM 
 +TO: QueLab Hackerspace <board@quelab.net> 
 +Howdy all, 
 +I made all the above changes, and am awaiting input from bandit. I'd like this consensed on my the end of Hacknight tonight. Thank you! 
 +FROM: Adric <adricm@gmail.com> 
 +SENT: Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 8:45 PM 
 +TO: Greg Moran <gregmoran@gmail.com> 
 +Not going to make it to hn, but I also approve the changes and still vote yay! 
 +End email thread