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 +Our discussion topics:\\
 +- What is your 509(a)(1) exempt purpose? ​ A: educational and scientific purpose, as a public charity.\\
 +-  We'd like some kind of ongoing communications,​ regularly scheduled ​ meetings. ​ A: School Factory has been doing monthly group comference ​ calls on the 3rd Wed of the month and "​private"​ calls with the  individual groups as requested.\\
 +- Next step is?:  Become an  incorporated non-profit in the sate of NM, then finish fiscal sponsor ​ agreement, with adendum for regular communications meetings (in an  appendix)\\
 +- Need for User-friendly online tools (atrium is convoluted ​ and not easy to use): A: Space Fed. usually provides training to the  whole group after the paperwork is completed.\\
 +Gabe Ortiz, ​ Greg Moran, ​ bandit, ​ James Carlson(?​)\\
 +Other Meeting Notes (2011-09-04):​\\
 +- Q: Do you have a  grant writer on staff? A: No, but there are people that are good at it,  who could be availble to help as needed\\
 +- Q: Is there a repository for workshops, event plans, \\
 +- Q:  Are you/we subject to the a open meetings act?  A: No. only when someone is giving you a gift...\\
 +- Idea: apply for a $200k grant for a new space, various other grants for workshops and seminar\\
 +-  Idea: mailing legal documents (sent by return reciept requested) for  legal documents and evidentiary trail. ​ desire to use certified read  receipt for postal correspondence\\
 +- Suggestion: ​ When writing grants, it helps to have more than 1 organization involved at a time. when applying for a grant\\
 +- Suggestion: try to partner with other organizations in terms of management and operations of the space. ​ \\
 +-  Suggestion: ​ Use the online tracking form set up to track donations of  money and stuff... used to generate receipts from school factory\\
 +- Action: brainstorm all the organizations around ABQ for potential partnership opportunity.\\
 +- Action: finish paperwork for non-stock corporation (board member signatures)\\
 +- Action: familiarize ourselves with the Atrium content and functionality\\
 +-  Action: Space Federation will provide a "​welcome packet"​ kit with  paperwork to make it "​real" ​  With a suggestion: Make sure that our  donation receipts use the proper Tax exempt wording, which is provided.\\
 +-  Space Fed. next big challenge is when they file for the group exemption ​ = on track for 2012 roll out... going to mature spaces first (ones with  proper accounting practices)