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DECEMBER Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 02 December 2018


5:00 pm Potluck

6:00 pm Community Meeting

1. Board Report

Snail mail address - put in a mail slot

Dues Increase on Jan 1 2019

Space Cadets is now the Facilities Workgroup

2. Officer Reports

President's Report

The biggest thing is the Dues Increase, which will be addressed later in the meeting

Treasurer's report

Caught up on our bills

Several members have moved to annual membership

Guidestar for donations, we have a $137 donation from (6) people via Facebook

$96 check came in from the ColorWheels toy store donation day on 11-6

Education: position currently vacant

Events Officer: position currently vacant

Membership: position currently vacant

JT Reporting:

102 active members

9 associate

8 student

We now have (21) annual Sustaining memberships

Outreach: Charel Morris

Nothing to report, but a congratulations to Rebecca, for her fundraising efforts!

Social Media: Rebecca Snyder

Just figured out how to add a donation button to the facebook page. Yay!

Colorwheel toys, as was already reported

Will be reporting the dues increase & the option to buy an annual membership at the current rate

She did a personal fundraiser on Giving Tuesday, and raised $306

Donations: John “JT” Benedetto

Nothing to report for November

Facilities: John Murray

Nothing to report for this month

Rental: Darren Moody

Nothing to report for this month

Area Captains

3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen

An overheat issue melted one of the fans, clogging the head. We need a new hot end & some other pieces

Arcade - Troy Ross

No report submitted

Digital Arts - Darrel Knutson

Picked up a roll of printing vinyl and a roll of bond paper

New price increase effective tomorrow when he prints a new sign

Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim

Nothing to report this month

Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker

Nothing to report this month

Laser: Craig Goldsmith

AUTOFOCUS PROBE: lasercutter probe has been repaired. Thanks to everyone for their patience. Please: all users be more rigorous in watching the device so that we don't damage the cutter again.

BED LEVELING: if/when the bed goes out of level, TEXT THE LASERCUTTER OFFICER immediately. Phone number on sign right above the cutter. Leveling isn't complex, but needs to be done properly.

TRAINING RECERTIFICATION:I will start regularly scheduled training for new users as well as start RECERTIFYING existing users in December. I will also look at retraining trainers. Recertification will be staggered, and nobody will get de-certified in the interim, but this will be required.

Machine Shop: Denis Muradov

Given recent developments, the grinder in the machine shop is off limits to everyone. It is only allowed to be used on a case by cases basis after contacting me.

The Jet bandsaw works much better now with a new blade. The overheating and tracking issue is gone. It still needs more work.

I used one of Erics furniture moving dollies for a cabinet in the welding shop that belong to the mushroom grower. I saw him moving his cabinet out with that dolly some time ago, but he has not returned it as far as I know.

Because I found a chipped milling bit (and potentially some suspect ones too) I have updated the signage to state that only aluminum and some plastics are allowed to be used. So materials like steel require that you bring in your own blades, bits, etc.

I had a member work on the x-carve. He managed to make a test cut and identified some areas needing improvement.

I have ordered cabling and misc panels for the CNC mill.

Welding: John Murray

Nothing to report this month

Woodshop: Jesse Trujillo

Feel free to come to me with anything

3. Old Business

Dues Increase

Dues will go up 1-1-19

Sustaining, from $40 to $50

Associate & Student, from $20 to $25

Annual rate, from $400 to $500

Can purchase Annual membership now at current rate

Quelab Holiday Fundraiser - ornaments by Darren

4. New Business

Digital Arts Price Increase

Darrel to send out to the MEMBERS list in the next few days

Decorating for Christmas

Does anyone want to help decorate for Christmas? Tree upstairs & some decorations, too

IN previous years we have run Techmas to promote tech recycling

Future of Hacknights

Do we want to continue out once-a-month hacknights? Or return to twice a week or some other variant?

The Show N Tell nights were well received

There were informal tuesday night get togethers for a bit, and they were fun

Josh suggested having a members only night on the 2nd Sunday of the month concurrent with the Orientation

MakerFaire in April

Can volunteer for us for the MMF folks

Star Wars Fest @ Rio Rancho Library in January - last Saturday in January, the 26th

New Woodshop Area Captain - Jesse Trujillo


Darrel to send out to the MEMBERS about the price increase in the Digital Arts Lab

Adric/JT to take the future of hackinights discussion to email

Meeting Adjourned by JT, 2nd by Ray @ 6:52 p.m.