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 Minutes: Minutes:
 +1. Board Report
 +  * Just one meeting this month to address a grievance that was filed by one member against another.
 +  * There is news about a pending donation, more to come later.
 +2. Officer Reports
 +  * President's Report
 +    * No report this month
 +  * Treasurer's report
 +    * Catchup on some bills that didn’t get paid automatically; our automated payments weren’t - we had more money, now we have less.
 +    * Rent went up in November - triple net stuff
 +    * The electricity bill was paid (for first half of 2017), 3Q & 4Q bills to come
 +    * We hope to be hiring an accounting firm to help with the legal-ese stuff
 +  * Education: position currently vacant
 +  * Events Officer: position currently vacant
 +  * Membership: position currently vacant
 +  * Outreach: Charel Morris
 +    * We’ve been invited to Nuclear Museum to participate in their STEM day - Saturday, February 10th - Discover STEM Family Day
 +    * In the past, we’ve had the manual lathe, 3D printing, Gonner’s stuff, too. 
 +    * We will need volunteers for this event, and we need a coordinator for this event
 +  * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
 +    * In June there is a national group “Nation of Makers” - NOMCON, and Quelab should be a part.
 +  * Donations: John “JT” Benedetto
 +    * Working on my new responsibilities as Donations Officer
 +    * Steven Hall  has been cleaning the main area of the Annex (Thanks, Steve!), I have been dealing with the donations area.
 +    * We are still evaluating donations on a case-by-base basis, with the real possibility of turning down stuff.
 +  * Facilities: John Murray
 +    * Agreed to work on chemical storage policy at the October BOD meeting.
 +    * Moved some paints/other chemicals from The Tool Room, which I had stored there while moving the blue lockers from the Laser Cutter Room.
 +    * Worked with a private contractor and The Gas Co. of NM to get the overhead space heater in the metal shop and the furnace in the annex operational again.  (The gas meter had been turned off while the furnace in the west mezzanine was being repiped).
 +  * Rental: Darren Moody
 +    * We are making $171 a month in rentals, with three benches available in the Annex
 +Area Captains
 +  * 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen
 +    * The old Prusa I3 has been taken apart for parts recycling
 +    * Troy Ross has donated a really nice printer, a Prusa I3-style printer.  It is set up with Octoprint, and it has a camera so you can watch your job (but you must stay onsite while printing)
 +    * Morgan to write up his report to the 3D printing list
 +  * Arcade - Troy Ross
 +    * No report this month
 +  * Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim
 +    * No report this month
 +  * Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
 +    * Nothing to report this month
 +  * Laser: Craig “Zoot” Goldsmith
 +    * Nothing significant to report this month.  Room remodel still underway, though slow.
 +  * Metal Shop: Eric Lee
 +    * No injuries reported
 +    * The bridgeport has been fixed, at zero cost!
 +  * Welding: John Murray
 +    * Nothing to report
 +  * Woodshop: Gonner Menning
 +    * Nothing to report
 +    * Josh & Steven are working on the angle adjustment nut on the table saw, with a 3D printed part
 +3. Old Business
 +  * Star Wars Fest - Rio Rancho Loma Colorado library - Saturday,  January 28th 9:00 a.m.  - 1:00 p.m. 6th annual fest.  At the Loma Linda Library in Rio Rancho
 +  * They have contacted us to make sure we are coming.  This year we are going to volunteer some small laser cut items for kids to assemble at the event
 +  * We will be taking lightsabers, and laser cut items.  Darren hopes to make an even larger AT-AT
 +  * Darren is the point of contact for this event
 +  * Josh asked if we can get more tables this year?
 +4. New Business
 +  * Star Wars -The Last Jedi, December 16th at the Premiere Theater in Rio Rancho
 +    * Opening Celebration / Hoopla going on at theater in Rio Rancho  (8 believe put on by PD).  Would Star Wars team (and others?) want to see if we can be a part of it too? Or talk to theaters here in Albuquerque to see about setting up tables / displays?  Maybe find out from 501st will be and piggyback with them
 +    * Darren will be the point of contact for this event.
 +  * THATcamp - Craig
 +    * An annual non conference held by the NM humanities council
 +    * Brings together people from the humanities
 +    * Jan 13, 2018, 10 am – 5 pm, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque $25 Request for Community Partnership with Edward Gonzales Elementary School - Rebecca Grothe, technology teacher at that school be able to consult with Quelab on purchase decisions 
 +    * Installation assistance
 +    * We will be holding evening events, and having a volunteer expert attend would be beneficial
 +    * They got a big grant, and they want help to spend the money
 +    * Is Quelab interested in partnering with the school for this?
 +    * They have set aside a classroom as the STEAM Lab for this purpose
 +    * Rotating classes through the school week for specific projects
 +    * After school clubs to meet in there 
 +    * A green screen in the space
 +    * Evening events to get parents in there
 +    * Since there were still five BoD members present, they met, and unanimously approved a provisional agreement, TBD.
 +Adjourned 7:06 p.m.