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 Minutes: Minutes:
 +1. Board Report
 +  * Just one meeting this month to address a grievance that was filed by one member against another.
 +  * There is news about a pending donation, more to come later.
 +2. Officer Reports
 +  * President'​s Report
 +    * No report this month
 +  * Treasurer'​s report
 +    * Catchup on some bills that didn’t get paid automatically;​ our automated payments weren’t - we had more money, now we have less.
 +    * Rent went up in November - triple net stuff
 +    * The electricity bill was paid (for first half of 2017), 3Q & 4Q bills to come
 +    * We hope to be hiring an accounting firm to help with the legal-ese stuff
 +  * Education: position currently vacant
 +  * Events Officer: position currently vacant
 +  * Membership: position currently vacant
 +  * Outreach: Charel Morris
 +    * We’ve been invited to Nuclear Museum to participate in their STEM day - Saturday, February 10th - Discover STEM Family Day
 +    * In the past, we’ve had the manual lathe, 3D printing, Gonner’s stuff, too. 
 +    * We will need volunteers for this event, and we need a coordinator for this event
 +  * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
 +    * In June there is a national group “Nation of Makers” - NOMCON, and Quelab should be a part.
 +  * Donations: John “JT” Benedetto
 +    * Working on my new responsibilities as Donations Officer
 +    * Steven Hall  has been cleaning the main area of the Annex (Thanks, Steve!), I have been dealing with the donations area.
 +    * We are still evaluating donations on a case-by-base basis, with the real possibility of turning down stuff.
 +  * Facilities: John Murray
 +    * Agreed to work on chemical storage policy at the October BOD meeting.
 +    * Moved some paints/​other chemicals from The Tool Room, which I had stored there while moving the blue lockers from the Laser Cutter Room.
 +    * Worked with a private contractor and The Gas Co. of NM to get the overhead space heater in the metal shop and the furnace in the annex operational again. ​ (The gas meter had been turned off while the furnace in the west mezzanine was being repiped).
 +  * Rental: Darren Moody
 +    * We are making $171 a month in rentals, with three benches available in the Annex
 +Area Captains
 +  * 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen
 +    * The old Prusa I3 has been taken apart for parts recycling
 +    * Troy Ross has donated a really nice printer, a Prusa I3-style printer. ​ It is set up with Octoprint, and it has a camera so you can watch your job (but you must stay onsite while printing)
 +    * Morgan to write up his report to the 3D printing list
 +  * Arcade - Troy Ross
 +    * No report this month
 +  * Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim
 +    * No report this month
 +  * Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
 +    * Nothing to report this month
 +  * Laser: Craig “Zoot” Goldsmith
 +    * Nothing significant to report this month. ​ Room remodel still underway, though slow.
 +  * Metal Shop: Eric Lee
 +    * No injuries reported
 +    * The bridgeport has been fixed, at zero cost!
 +  * Welding: John Murray
 +    * Nothing to report
 +  * Woodshop: Gonner Menning
 +    * Nothing to report
 +    * Josh & Steven are working on the angle adjustment nut on the table saw, with a 3D printed part
 +3. Old Business
 +  * Star Wars Fest - Rio Rancho Loma Colorado library - Saturday, ​ January 28th 9:00 a.m.  - 1:00 p.m. 6th annual fest.  At the Loma Linda Library in Rio Rancho
 +  * They have contacted us to make sure we are coming. ​ This year we are going to volunteer some small laser cut items for kids to assemble at the event
 +  * We will be taking lightsabers,​ and laser cut items. ​ Darren hopes to make an even larger AT-AT
 +  * Darren is the point of contact for this event
 +  * Josh asked if we can get more tables this year?
 +4. New Business
 +  * Star Wars -The Last Jedi, December 16th at the Premiere Theater in Rio Rancho
 +    * Opening Celebration / Hoopla going on at theater in Rio Rancho ​ (8 believe put on by PD).  Would Star Wars team (and others?) want to see if we can be a part of it too? Or talk to theaters here in Albuquerque to see about setting up tables / displays? ​ Maybe find out from 501st will be and piggyback with them
 +    * Darren will be the point of contact for this event.
 +  * THATcamp - Craig
 +    * An annual non conference held by the NM humanities council
 +    * Brings together people from the humanities
 +    * Jan 13, 2018, 10 am – 5 pm, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque $25 Request for Community Partnership with Edward Gonzales Elementary School - Rebecca Grothe, technology teacher at that school be able to consult with Quelab on purchase decisions ​
 +    * Installation assistance
 +    * We will be holding evening events, and having a volunteer expert attend would be beneficial
 +    * They got a big grant, and they want help to spend the money
 +    * Is Quelab interested in partnering with the school for this?
 +    * They have set aside a classroom as the STEAM Lab for this purpose
 +    * Rotating classes through the school week for specific projects
 +    * After school clubs to meet in there 
 +    * A green screen in the space
 +    * Evening events to get parents in there
 +    * Since there were still five BoD members present, they met, and unanimously approved a provisional agreement, TBD.
 +Adjourned 7:06 p.m.