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December Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 06 December 2015


  • 4:00 pm Pot Luck
  • 5:05 pm Shout Outs
  • 5:10 pm Community Meeting:

1. Agenda Review

2. Ground Rules

3. Officer Reports

  • President's Report
    • What has the board been up to
    • What is new in the world of Quelab
  • Treasury Report
  • Membership report

4. Old Business

  • OLD

5. New Business

  • NEW


About 30 people present

Darren Needs Volunteers to help with heavy lifting

Still need a Electronics Lab Foreman

Last board meeting of the year: Election Policy, Firearm Policy, Financial Report

Quelab 501©3!! Still need some paperwork with the state

93 Members

3000 sqft space next door, we have right of first refusal

Outdoor fenced in space is now available to us.

Mayor’s Prize: Quelab didn’t receive the grant. We were among 11 finalists. Gave us a chance to network with other similar organizations.

Flytcam class will start next year

January meeting will be January 10th, February meeting will be Saturday February 6th.

Adafruit and SparkFun group buy,

Wall was filled with “Why are you part of Quelab”, “What was your favorite moment of 2015”, “What do you want Quelab to be in 2016. (photos will be in the Quelabnm flickr feed for this date”

Cardstorming, Green card, “what do you want to make in 2016”, “What do you want to make for quelab in 2016”