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 ===== Rebecca ===== ===== Rebecca =====
-This candidate has not yet submitted photo or biography.+{{::rebeccasnyder.jpg?nolink&300 |Rebecca Snyder}}I've been a member of Quelab since 2010, a Quelab officer since 2015. I have served on the board for the past 11 months, after the special election in March 2018. It has been new level of responsibility for me to be a part of the board that is in charge of Quelab policy.  
 +I feel like I've been able to make an effective contribution with my input on the board, and have been able to catalyze fundraising efforts by partnering with a local store for a fundraising event, making it possible to set up birthday fundraising drives, and bringing in some additional donations from the Albuquerque community. If elected, I plan to continue with my efforts to bring in additional donations. As Quelab is a registered nonprofit organization being on the board gives me a way to approach businesses about fundraising. 
 +It's hard to say exactly what else I would do on the board, as in the last 11 months I've learned that unforeseen issues that require a board decision crop up quite often! Many of them things that I was only vaguely aware of before I was on the board -- and I think it's a benefit for the general membership that the board does deal with these crucial functions at the policy and financial levels. While board meetings are open to the public, it's unusual to see others attend, and in truth myself I had never attended a board meeting before my election last year.  I always try to do what is best for Quelab, to be there for our members now and far into the future