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Nominees for the 2019 Board of Directors Election

This page contains list of nominees & submitted bios and pictures for the 2019 Quelab Board of Directors' election. Content on this page will be updated as nominations are confirmed throughout the month.

Nominations close at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, February 9th, 2019.

The election is scheduled for February 17th, 2019, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Quelab & the Board will be providing food. Last year, we bought food in from Monroe's!

Here are your nominees:


Adric MenningAs a lifelong(sofar) tinkerer on so many things(photo, electronic, chemistry, carpentry…), Even without Quelab in my life or other makerspaces I would still be making, building, taking things apart… inventing and other things.

But with Quelab, the scope size and ability to do said things is always ever expanding. And what I love best is is as a community it gives me an opportunity to share and learn from, and share some of the odd bits of knowledge I have in my head.

Back in 2009, when we first Started working to build Quelab, I had a dream that it would eventually have “Better than your average garage full of all sorts of great making tools.”. It has met and exceeded that so many times, and i expect it will keep it up as we go!

I was one of the first 4 founders, and have served as an officer since our founding, and have served on the board since we switched from being a llc into being a non-profit (roughly Quelab's second year)

As a Board member, I have pretty literally seen it all, through the thick and thin. I have always attempted to put Quelab and the community of its members first. I strive to give all matters the most fairness i can, and try really hard to hear both what people say and what they mean to say. and always use that to help weigh my decisions.


Bill KrieghI am interested in being on the Board because dealing I’m interested in seeing the organization grow and become a place more folks can call “my home away from home hobby place”. I am new to QueLab – been here since November. I’m running because I think I have things to offer that can help without being a newbie that wants to change everything.

I‘ve been interested in sparktrickery ever since I stuck a knife from a silver flatware set into the control panel of my grandmother’s electric stove and burned the blade in two at the ripe old age of 3 years. I’ve dabbled in the field in some fashion or another since.

My experience includes doing tool and die work and general maintenance at a place that made electronic components for Western Electric, owned and operated an electric motor rewinding business, worked for Colo DOT in the traffic signal/electrical maint. part of traffic division – 6 ½ years as a supervisor. During my time at CDOT I was the AFSCME Council 76 board president for 4 years and a board member for 10 years.

I ran my own business as an electrical contractor and have been a Colorado Licensed master electrician for 27 years.

I retired and moved to New Mexico 6 years ago to be with my high school sweetie and will be firmly anchored here for quite a while.

My interests are varied and among them is electronic tinkering and model railroading. One of the ways I used to relax is building single and dual gauge track by hand.


Ray FinchHi. I have been a hacker/maker since I was a kid. Taking things apart and seeing how they work or modifying them to do new things has always been a favorite pastime. My background includes electronic design, software development, the restoration of pinball machines, and other areas.

In 2010 I discovered Quelab - 2 weeks after they opened. I donated time, tools, equipment, and my expertise. Being a part of the early incarnation of Quelab to its current size of 10,000SqFt, has been rewarding and an honor.

I contribute to Quelab by giving advice on projects, helping with the Quelab booth at MiniMaker Fair, setting up the Electronics Lab, the first 3D printers, and serving on the Quelab board. Recently, I set up Digital Arts Lab with the Large Format Printer and Vinyl Cutter.

I want to see Quelab continue as a fun and rewarding place to learn, socialize, relax, talk with friends, and to be that place that feels like a second home where you can make things that are important to you.

I was on the first Quelab board through 2015. After a two-year break I returned, serving through the present day. The board's purpose is to keep Quelab on track with the goals of a hacker/maker space, pay the bills, set policy, and other mundane details. Also, to ensure that the board operates in the best interest of the membership.

As a member, you should only need to focus on working on your projects and having fun. As a board member, it is my responsibly to help ensure that happens.


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