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 ===== Craig ===== ===== Craig =====
-No bio submitted yet.+{{:​2018craiggoldsmith.jpg?​400 |Craig Goldsmith}}Craig Goldsmith (aka "​Zoot"​) is a designer, coder, maker and trained philosopher. He is a core organizer of Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire and board member of the same organization since Autumn 2013. 
 +A full member of Quelab since May 2014, he previously served on the Quelab Board of Directors from February 2016 to February 2018, and is the current lasercutter officer. 
 +He seeks to maintain and enhance Quelab'​s stature as a member-driven makerspace, and that Quelab continues to be utterly responsive to the economic and practical needs of its members: consensus decision-making,​ non-draconian policies, unfettered access to the space.
 ===== Darrel ===== ===== Darrel =====
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 ===== Denis ===== ===== Denis =====
-No bio submitted yet.+{{::​denis2020.jpg?​300 |Denis Muradov}}I joined Quelab a couple years ago. When I saw the Machine Shop that Eric Lee set up I was hooked. I have since taken over the Machine Shop. Currently I maintain the machinery and train members on the use of the machine shop. I brought in a few machines myself and I am currently (still) refurbishing two of them.  
 +My main drive is to make things, whatever it may be. I have been making things in the woodshop, the machine shop and the darkroom. In time I will eventually get through all of my projects - in a couple of decades. 
 +As a board member I would seek to keep Quelab as a space for the do-it-yourself community. I want to see Quelab increase in membership. I believe this will keep the flow of new ideas, talent and the passion of the doing-it-yourself way going.
 ===== Hugh ===== ===== Hugh =====
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 Thank you again for this nomination, and if elected, I will work to continue the mission of this remarkable organization to the best of my ability. Thank you again for this nomination, and if elected, I will work to continue the mission of this remarkable organization to the best of my ability.
-===== JJ Salley ​===== +===== JJ ===== 
-No bio submitted yet.+{{::​jj2020.jpg?​400 |JJ Salley}}Thank you so much for the nomination. I know a lot of you and y’all know me, but if you don'​t... 
 +I have lived in California, Missouri, Texas, Washington state, and now New Mexico. I have formally studied sociology, psychology, and computer science, have my General Amateur Radio License, several CompTia certifications including the Security+ and I enjoy making stuff. I tend to enjoy electronics and crafty projects. I helped organize some events for Quelab last year and I am currently the Fiber Arts steward. I also run a couple of small homeschool groups and the Albuquerque security group (DC505) that meets at Quelab. 
 +I first encountered Quelab years ago while soldering at the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire. I spent almost the entire day there and then returned to solder projects the entire second day. I started visiting Quelab whenever I was in ABQ and got to know the place better. I met Eric in the machine shop, Bandit gave my family a tour while talking about NMT, and I spent all kinds of time chatting with Morgan while working on electronic projects. I knew that if I ever moved to ABQ, I would join Quelab the day I got here...and I did. 
 +I would love to impact Quelab on a bigger scale and can do so by being on the board. I know there are so many amazing members that have been nominated and choosing someone for the board is a big decision. I would appreciate your vote and will try my best to do the best thing for Quelab:D