Nominees for the 2021 Board of Directors Election

This page contains the list of nominees with submitted bios and pictures for the 2021 Quelab Board of Directors' election. Content on this page will be updated as nominations are confirmed throughout the month.

Nominations close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021, and the final list of nominees will go out the next day (though there is sometimes a wait of a day or two until all those nominated get back to accept or decline their nomination).

Voting will run Wednesday February 17th, 2020, through 8:00 p.m. on Sunday the 21st.

Here are your nominees:


Adric MenningAs a lifelong (so far) tinkerer, and son of a tinkerer, in many things(photo, electronic, chemistry, carpentry…),

2009, when we first Started working to build Quelab, I had a dream that it would eventually have “Better than your average garage full of tools for making and inventing.”. It has met and exceeded that so many times, much to my joy and delight!

I was one of the first 4 founders, and have served as an officer since our founding, and have served on the board since we switched from being a llc into being a non-profit (roughly Quelab's second year)

As a Board member, I have pretty literally seen it all, through the thick and thin. I have always attempted to put Quelab and the community of its members first. Even on the rare occasions I disagree. I always strive to give all matters the most fairness I can, and try really hard to hear both what people say and what they mean. and always use that to help weigh my decisions.

I thought about not running this term, What with the passing of my father, and with being nominated as the president of Quelab, and continuing health issues. But if the membership so chooses, I will continue on making sure this dream continues to evolve as best I can.


ErikI'm Erik, I've been a member since 2017 when I joined Quelab while attending UNM.

My recent projects include helping Bill K install the new projector and ceiling mount in the Core, and the LED retrofit of the lighting in the Shop and Annex. My hope is that money saved from the upgrade can be invested in bringing new tools (such as a CNC) to the space.

Additionally I've taken on the roles of Library and Ham shack area captain.

My core interests are electronics and software and I’m looking at getting into 3D printing in the near future. My current timesink is editing Openstreetmap. In the rest of my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, ham radio and playing with my dog, a Husky-boxer-chao mix named Heidi.

In 2012 I made it to MakerFaire in San Francisco and NOMCON in 2018, and hope to make it the next in-person DEF CON in 2022. I’m currently working for the Department of Health helping to run a COVID shelter. Previously, I worked in the Emergency Department of Presbyterian. I’m also a board member of of the New Mexico Search and Rescue Council, another non-profit.


Hugh HulseThank you Quelab, for this nomination to the Board. As a bit of introduction for those of you that don’t know me, I am an avid tinkerer/maker and am endlessly interested in building and modifying pretty much anything. I am a Bicycle Mechanic, and currently manage the Esperanza Bike Shop here in Albuquerque. I have been interested in bikes since childhood, and now get a huge amount of satisfaction from building/modifying bikes that can increase accessibility for all people.

I have also worked as a GIS (Geographic Information System) tech, an ecology tech (mostly working on vegetation studies/mapping), and I also served in the Army as an Infantryman and a tank driver.

I came to Quelab through a love of film photography, but also have a background in sewing and woodworking, and a bunch of other stuff.

Thank you again for this nomination, and if elected, I will work to continue the mission of this remarkable organization to the best of my ability.


Rebecca SnyderQuelab member since 2011, officer since December 2014, in maker community for longer, co-chairing Albuquerque Dorkbot (maker discussion group) and attending Maker Faire in San Francisco. I'm a very eclectic maker who likes to learn new skills, sampling electronics, darkroom photography, brazing, fiber arts, glass, laser cutting, ceramics, machine shop, and most recently 3d printing. What I love about Quelab is that we are not just a place to make things but also a community of makers! I've learned so much from everyone at Quelab (most recently I have picked some bookbinding skills) and hope to be able to provide more opportunities for our community to learn from each other in the future.

I've been a member of Quelab since 2010, a Quelab officer since 2015. I have served on the board for approximately the last 3 years, after the special election in March 2018. It has been a new level of responsibility for me to be a part of the board that is in charge of Quelab policy and I feel that I have been able to make effective contributions in this area.

I feel like I've been able to make an effective contribution with my input on the board, and have been able to catalyze fundraising efforts by partnering with a local store for a fundraising event, making it possible to set up birthday fundraising drives, and bringing in some additional donations from the Albuquerque community. If elected, I plan to continue with my efforts to bring in additional donations. As Quelab is a registered nonprofit organization, being on the board gives me a way to approach businesses about fundraising, and once we are past the pandemic I hope to do more of these collaborations.

In a previous bio I had written 2 years ago, I said “It's hard to say exactly what else I would do on the board, as in the last 11 months I've learned that unforeseen issues that require a board decision crop up quite often!” Little did I know at the time what 2020 would bring! There has been much to keep up with as far as changing state orders, and I have tried to figure out as much as possible how to stay within our state orders while keeping Quelab as available as possible to members. I always try to do what is best for Quelab, to be there for our members now and far into the future.


No bio submitted yet.