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 ===== Erik ===== ===== Erik =====
-No bio submitted yet.+{{::erik_n_headshot.png?nolink&300  |Erik}}I'm Erik, I've been a member since 2017 when I joined Quelab while attending UNM.  
 +My recent projects include helping Bill K install the new projector and ceiling mount in the Core, and the LED retrofit of the lighting in the Shop and Annex. My hope is that money saved from the upgrade can be invested in bringing new tools (such as a CNC) to the space. 
 +Additionally I've taken on the roles of Library and Ham shack area captain.  
 +My core interests are electronics and software and I’m looking at getting into 3D printing in the near future. My current timesink is editing Openstreetmap. In the rest of my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, ham radio and playing with my dog, a Husky-boxer-chao mix named Heidi. 
 +In 2012 I made it to MakerFaire in San Francisco and NOMCON in 2018, and hope to make it the next in-person DEF CON in 2022. I’m currently working for the Department of Health helping to run a COVID shelter. Previously, I worked in the Emergency Department of Presbyterian. I’m also a board member of of the New Mexico Search and Rescue Council, another non-profit
 ===== Hugh ===== ===== Hugh =====