3D Printing

The 3D Printers are YELLOW tools, and require additional training

To help make 3D printing at quelab awesome-er, sign up for the 3d-printing mailing list. It's low-volume, but high-quality.

Makes and models

Training & Problems

Training is currently in flux. To be trained on the 3D printers, please contact the 3D printing officer via the 3d-printing mailing list to set up meeting on an open night. Without prior arrangement, there is no guarantee that there will be a 3D printing trainer available during an open night, however.

For information on usage, tips and 3D printing stuff, see:


Different 3D printers accept different materials. Check the page for whichever printer you are using to identify allowable filament.

The table below specifies costs of materials kept at Quelab.

All values are in per-gram increments of ALL consumed materials, including failed prints and support material.

NinjaFlex1) TBD: Likely in the $0.60/g range
IGUS TriboGo get a sample from IGUS. It's expensive.

Materials must be cleared by a 3D printing officer.

Materials previously cleared for use in the 3D printers:

  • Filamentium / FilamentOne PLA Extrafill
  • Zen Toolworks ABS and PLA
  • NinjaFlex
  • IGUS Tribo filament
  • Push Plastic ABS and PLA
  • Taulman Nylon 230

Any material that is in the 3D printing room is considered cleared if it is on the rack above the 3D printers.