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 3. Old Business 3. Old Business
-  * TBD+  * MMF Recap
 4. New Business 4. New Business
-  * TBD+  * Hacknight schedule change 
 +  * Visit by our new neighbors!
 ---- ----
 Minutes: Minutes:
 +1. Board Report
 +  * Adric Reporting
 +    * Hacknight Change - poorly attended, immediate change - for the next four months, we will only have public hacknights on the first Sunday of the month.
 +      * We would like to make it more show & tell-y - and have a “Show ‘n Tell Showcase”
 +    * Working on monetary donations to be easier & possibility of recurring donations as a part of dues - “membership with thanks”
 +    * Discussion on vetting of new members
 +2. Officer Reports
 +  * President's Report
 +    * We now officially don’t have a president!!!
 +  * Treasurer's report
 +    * Increase in electricity amounts.  
 +    * Josh is proposing a tax deductible donation tacked onto the membership levels and for the public to donate too. 
 +  * Education: position currently vacant
 +  * Events Officer: position currently vacant
 +  * Membership: position currently vacant
 +  * Outreach: Charel Morris
 +    * No report for this month
 +  * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
 +    * Publicizing the new hacknight schedule.
 +    * Anything brought to the show ‘n tell can also be taken online
 +  * Donations: John “JT” Benedetto
 +    * Nothing donated, continue to clean out the donations area
 +  * Facilities: John Murray
 +    * Zoot talked to me during the last membership meeting about setting up some cooling for the laser cutter room.  I have some ideas on how to use the swamp cooler that is temporarily stored outside the annex roll up door.  This would be done by setting it in the area where the brewing equipment is stashed, running some flex duct hoses into the adjacent attic and then into the ceiling of the laser cutter room and electronics lab.  If this does not provide sufficient cooling, I have some other ideas, but they would be more expensive.  This would probably run about $60-$75 with the swamp cooler.  This can be started after APS finishes on May 23, maybe a little before that.
 +  * Rental: Darren Moody
 +    * Please restrict your stuff to your bench.  Any extra “overflow” should be green tagged, and possibly should have the permission of the Annex Area captain Steve Hall
 +  * Area Captains
 +    * 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen
 +      * Since MMF, the printers have been brought back, blinky has been releveled, but it needs the z axis adjustment screw will need replaced
 +      * Morgan will be setting up Octoprint in the next week or two
 +      * Morgan will be leading a training soon
 +      * There should be info on the wiki on Octoprint
 +    * Arcade - Troy Ross
 +      * Nothing new to report.
 +      * Need to figure out what to do with the asteroids cabinet, three months deadline to get it fixed, or “something drastic will happen to it”
 +    * Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim
 +      * Apologies he hasn’t cleaned in a while
 +    * Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
 +      * Nothing to report this month
 +    * Clay Area
 +      * There was a donation of slip & molds, and Sherie is doing some training to be able to train on them
 +    * Laser: Craig Goldsmith
 +      * Clean up after yourselves. Really.
 +      * If anyone has a nice big collection of medium sized ball bearings, that's the missing piece we need to be able to effectively and consistently use the rotary cutter. If nobody comes forward, I will order some, and then begin "master" training for a select group of users on the rotary tool.
 +      * Now that Maker Faire is over, I will turn my attention to the cutter and room itself:
 +        * sometime in May will set up pins for the knife bed so it doesn't shift and cause jams on the z-axis when lowered significantly then raised
 +        * sometime in May will finally get handles set up for the new honeycomb
 +        * sometime in June will begin building real stock storage, painting the whole room, etc.
 +    * Metal Shop: Eric Lee
 +      * No report this month
 +    * Welding: John Murray
 +      * Nothing to report this month
 +    * Woodshop: Gonner Menning
 +      * No report made
 +3. Old Business
 +  * MMF recap
 +    * In addition to Morgan’s Vintage Computer room exhibit with 5 or 6 tables
 +    * Appreciation to Alexander VonFox & Richard Eseke for their assistance with this
 +    * the Quelab tent had 20 tables exhibiting stuff…
 +    * Ray’s mechanical video game & large scale simon-style game
 +    * Aaron & Sherie helped
 +    * Gonner’s manual lathe
 +    * Eric & Josh lightsabers
 +    * Michael’s wind machine & other machine
 +    * Eric’s picture boards are really useful!
 +4. New Business
 +  * Hacknights Change
 +    * The Show ‘n Tell Showcase
 +  * Visited with some of the guys from Iron Dragon metalworks
 +    * Open currently by appointment only, still ramping up
 +    * They have a 5x10 CNC table with no spindle that they are interested in donating
 +Meeting adjourned 6:45 p.m.