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 Minutes: Minutes:
-<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>1. Officer Reports</font>+1Officer Reports 
 +  * President's Report 
 +  * Treasurer's report 
 +    * PayPal sunset date to be set 
 +    * Still need to add to the Square for Digital Arts ringup 
 +    * Need to add an alternate for Access to Bank accountstill in progress.  Send an email to the Board if you have a nomination 
 +    * Darrel suggested adding “Classes” to the stripe as well. 
 +  * Education: Darrel Knutson 
 +    * We started a new welding class on Saturday.  There are 6 students including new member being oriented tonight, 2 non-members and 3 members. 
 +    * We will be posting two welding classes for June.  One will be on the normal Saturday morning and the other will be on Wednesday evenings.  No idea how they will be received but we are going to try out an evening class. 
 +    * We will also be offering a Monday night woodworking class. 
 +    * The May accounting will be submitted to the president and treasurer shortly.  I’m requesting that checks be cut to Wily and Dennis for $150 each since the classes have already been paid for. 
 +  * Events Officer: position currently vacant 
 +  * Membership: Sara Simon 
 +    * Here are the membership statistics as of today: 
 +      * Active members 106 (Associates 7, Students 24, Sustaining 70) 
 +      * Renewal Overdue 12 (Students 5, Sustaining 7) 
 +      * Lapsed 34 (Associate 1, Director 1, Students 9, Sustaining 23) 
 +      * Pending 29 (Associate 1, Student 15, Sustaining 13) 
 +    * Some of the pending members have been invited to multiple orientations. Is there a point at which I should remove them from the list? 
 +  * Outreach: Charel Morris 
 +    * No report yet 
 +  * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder 
 +    * No report yet 
 +  * Assets: Darren Moody 
 +    * The e-waste project brought some more stuff in 
 +    * If you donate, please let us know what you are donating - donations@quelab.net 
 +    * Shoutout to JT - helped sell some ginormous cabinets out of the annex, and brought in $40  
 +  * Facilities: John Murray 
 +    * Gonner and I replaced approximately 50 non-functional 48" fluorescent tubes in the core.  There were also a minimum of about 1/2 dozen failed fluorescent tube ballasts.  I ordered 10 no-ballast LED T-12 tubes to be tried in the fixtures with the failed ballasts--these tubes will be wired directly to the input 120 V lines, by removing and thus by-passing the failed ballasts. 
 +    * I managed to contact Bill Burke III, the architect who originally worked with a former Quelab officer to obtain an occupancy permit for Que Lab, about 2 years ago.  Mr. Burke said that he would revise the original floor plan drawings to include the additional new floorspace in the annex, if I would measure the annex and include the relevant information in a sketch, and work with us to secure an occupancy permit. (The key here is that we need to submit the drawings with either an architect's or mechanical engineer's license stamp.  He is willing to do that without cost, at least at this point) 
 +    * However, Quelab will be required to put a ventilation fan in the shop to meet the requirements of the building code.  The fan sizing is based on the square footage of the shop and is a simple calculation.  It is proposed to be installed in the north wall, in the storage area just west of the welding area, However, the electrical work must be done by a licensed electrical contractor.  I am working on getting an estimate for the labor and materials. The landlord will also need to be contacted regarding an 18"-20" penetration in the exterior wall. 
 +  * Rental: Darren Moody 
 +    * Still need to work with Treasurer on collecting rents, and setting up WildApricot with info on the rentals 
 +    * 2 workspaces available 
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>President's Report</font> +  * Area Captains 
-  <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Treasurer's report</font>      <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>There’s money in the bank</font>     <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Last year’s taxes are in Geoff’s hands, and all is filed</font> +    * 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen 
-  <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>EducationDarrel Knutson</font>      <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>We canceled all classes for the month of June to give the board time to define the actual policy on classes for Quelab. I am talking to individuals who are interested in teaching classes in sewing and blacksmithing for July and beyond. I can not proceed until the actual policy has been defined.</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>New classes for welding and woodworking will be determined after the board has defined the policy and established the rules. I anticipate being able to offer two welding, a woodworking, a sewing and a blacksmithing classes in July.</font> +      Delta printer: issue with settings for nozzle diameter affecting qualitymight be fixed now 
-  <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Events Officerposition currently vacant</font> +      * Prusa: To be dismantled to create a hypercube printer 
-  <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Membership: Sara Simon</font>      <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Here is the membership report as of June 1:</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Active Members7 Associate29 Student66 Sustaining, 102 Total</font>    <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Overdue Dues6 student, 5 sustaining</font>     <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Lapsed: 1 Associate, 1 Director, 12 Student, 30 Sustaining, 44 Total</font> +    * Arcade Troy Ross 
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>New: 2 Associate, 15 Student, 15 Sustaining, 32 Total</font> +      Work in progressputting texture on soon 
-  <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Outreach: Charel Morris</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Continuing to outreach</font>      <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Talks with City Hall on the community centers & interest in makerspacesDarren stepped up & met with himHe approached both FUSE & us.</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>We have not discussed the role Quelab would play with Makerspaces in community centers that he is interested in.</font> +      Foosball table might come out of that room 
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Money is an issue, but it’s the city, so what else is new?</font> +      * Asteroids cabinet needs fixingpowers supply is broken 
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Darren met with him for only, and that included a space tour</font> +    Electronics LabAaron Birenboim 
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>He is interested in a breakfast meeting with Charel</font> +    * Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker 
-  <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Social Media: Rebecca Snyder</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Sent out an update to the TinyLetter list this past month</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Also going to post about the Rocket</font> +      Fiber arts, seems ok, not much happeningRebecca tried the donated knitting machine and reports that it works great. 
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Assets: Darren Moody</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>A gentleman donated a BUNCH of stuff across a bunch of stuff - woodworkingstained glass & misc other stuff</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Another gent donated two nice laptops</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Cubicle walls put up in Annex, including small meeting areaPlease keep the tables in the meeting area clear.</font> +      * Room 1 conversion to stained glass/meeting room is on hold until Chris can move his computers outThat’s ok, still have a few more weeks of school to gothen my schedule will let up. I did get some more donations of glass and equipmentplus good size table if we want it. I can move that stuff in when the space is clear
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Facilities: John Murray</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Updated sketch of Quelab Annex floor plan and shop exhaust fan calculations submitted to William Burke III for The City of Albuquerque Planning DepartmentBuilding and Safety, Change of Use Application, which will hopefully lead to a Building Occupancy Permit</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>If anyone knows a licensed HVAC contractorwe need to add a ventilation fan in the shop area</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>A roof repair is scheduled for tomorrow</font> +    LaserCraig Goldsmith 
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>John will need to look at cooling in the Annex</font> +      Did alignment and focus earlier in AprilDevice seems to be working great. 
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Rental: Darren Moody</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Some changes & corrections need to be made in Wild Apricot in regard to rentals.. Some renters are not set up in correctly in WAwhile one or more of the amounts is set to the wrong amount, and one renter increased how much space he was renting but that change was not reflected in WA.</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Once these corrections and setups are made, the expected monthly income from rentals will be$142.50 each month.</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Currently there are three (3) White Bench Spaces ($22.50 per month) available for rent.</font>+      Still need to get with Josh about ordering new bed Will try to do that before end of month but not sure. 
 +        * Minutes-taker’s notemoney for the bed had already been crowdfundedCraig has to get a check from Josh the Treasurerso he can order it) 
 +      * Please keep the area clear after you have used  
 +    Metal ShopEric Lee 
 +      Metal shop is operating smoothly
 +      * No injuries reported
 +      The 3-axis CNC Mill is under development (The X-carve) 
 +      All other metal working machines are operational 
 +    * Welding: John Murray 
 +      * At the request of a potential member, I cleaned out and tested the bead blaster cabinet, located in the fenced "Hot Work" area, on the north side of the building It is operational when connected to the portable 6 H.Pcompressorwhich is currently stored in the annex
 +      * Wil and Dennis were working on some gas forge set-ups in the "Hot Work" area, but details were unavailable at newstime.  
 +    * Woodshop: Gonner Menning 
 +      * Proposal for beer and pizza cleaning party 
 +      * Security breachthe easter bunny was here in April 
 +      Please post pink tags on broken stuffand send an email to officers@quelab.net or at least to the officer in charge of the area  
 +2Old Business 
 +Paul Rosenberg Earth Day E-Waste Event Recap (Eagle Scout Project) 
 +Cherry Hills Library sent a thank you to Pauland he sent one back. 
 +Supercomputing visit Morgan or Josh flavor hackinglightsabers3d printing 
 +Tech leadership charter school visited 
 +Students working with SolidWorks  
 +Westside Attic just notice that we’re finishing clearing it out. 
 +Albuquerque the Magazine Quelab visit 
 +3New Business 
 +Upcoming Changes to Student & Low Income Rates 
 +Sometime this summer the low income rate will sunset, date has not been set.   Students will also need to verify every 6 months or somethin. 
 +Birdhouse Event Darren Moody 
 +One day Workshop to build birdfeeders or bird houses 
 +Still working on pricing   
 +Railyard Markets 
 +The 20th  of May 
 +Theme: “Intergalactic” 
 +2nd Annual New Mexico Science Fiesta (formerly known as the ABQ STEM Fiesta) - May 20 Saturdayfrom 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. , . Last month's minutes have conflicting information it is at the Hispanic Cultural Center or perhaps at Tiguex Park, in Albuquerque’s Old Town? 
 +https://www.nmepscor.org/events/nm-science-fiesta-2017 says it is in Tiguex Park 
 +MakerFaire - remind everyone that Quelab has a presence here We would like representation from as many area across Quelab as possible - 3d printingmetal shop, laser cutter, etc. 
 +MakerFaire will begin their volunteer activities in the space soon  
 +Need a new head of Take-Aparty & volunteerstoo 
 +If you will be there in our tentwe need to know how much cubic you wantdo you need power? 
 +Adjourned @ 6:53 
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Area Captains</font> +ACTION ITEMS  
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Nothing to report at this time</font> +Josh to add to stripe for digital arts, classes (for darrel)
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Arcade</font> <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>- Troy Ross</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Walls are textured, painted the ceiling, custom light fixtures are in place, with a remote control if you need to adjust settings. Adric suggests pointing the remote at the floor</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>When you’re done, please clean off the benches</font>      * E<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>ach bin of tools should be a self-contained set of tools for each area</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>There’s an interest in sewing machine usage/simple sewing training, and members willing to do it. I’ll work with others to set something up or help others do so.</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Stained glass area is shaping up, with some donation of materials & tools</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>She moved the small kiln into the annex area, but we need the area by the electronic circuit boxes for that…</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Laser: Craig Goldsmith</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>No reported problems</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Will be ordering a new honeycomb this week, so hopefully before month end.</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>When you’re done, please clean off all flat surfaces & empty the garbage can</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Metal Shop: Eric Lee</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>No injuries reported, all machines functional, except for the X-Carve</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Training revamp - updated the list of people asking for training, with Wily & Darrel at the top of the list.</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Welding: John Murray</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Lots of meetings with the Boardworking on welding classes</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Woodshop: Gonner Menning</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>The rocket is gone, The launch was a spectacular failure, with the engine mount failing within a second of the launch</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Be sure to turn on the dust collector when you use the table saw; it was completely jammed earlier this week</font> +
- +
-<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>2. Old Business</font> +
- +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Maker Faire</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Seeking volunteers, for both MakerFaire itself as well as Quelab’s use, too.</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Mixing with Fuse again this year, in the same tent</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Would be nice to have the light saber folks attend</font> +
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Concern for clean power for the Quelab tent - Eric, Adric</font> +
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Starting Wednesday night June 21 @ 7:00 p.m., MakerFaire Volunteers will be meeting at Quelab</font> +
- +
-<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>3. New Business</font> +
- +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Membership Rate Changes</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Student & Low income rate changes</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Low Income stopped</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Student rate will require verification (exact details to be worked out)</font> +
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Board is currently examining a basic rate increase</font> +
-      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Insurance went up 30% from previous rate</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Railyard Market Times -</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>June 25 & August 6</font>      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>One of the days is the Maker day</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Would be nice to have the light saber folks attend</font> +
-  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Discussion ensued about cleaning</font>   * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>If you have any suggestions, please send them to your favorite board member, or directly to board@quelab.net</font>+