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-====== June Community Meeting Agenda====== +====== June Community Meeting Agenda ======
- +
-<WRAP round notice>DRAFT. If you have an item to add to the agenda, please let an officer know. </WRAP>+
 **NOTE:** All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share. **NOTE:** All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.
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 Time: Time:
 +  * 5:00 pm Maker Chat Happy Hour (via Zoom)
 +  * 6:00 pm Community Meeting (via Zoom)
-  * 5:00 pm Pot Luck +===== 1. President’s Report =====
-  * 6:00 pm Community Meeting+
-1. Board Report+  * What with covid 19 continuing to overshadow what we do, and also even in my life due to work and concerns and trying to keep myself socially distanced and sticking to the essentials I have actually not been in the space in way way too long.  (y’all should fire me as president!)  ;P 
 +  * I'm very happy with all the really neat updates I've seen, from the Sign Rehab  to the Electronics area,  to much of the smaller tidying up that several members have done, resumption of orientations, and even some people have started up emailing again about tours and the like.    
 +  * I just completed attending the 2020 Nation of Makers Conference (virtual this year). I picked up some interesting advice, tips and info from hundreds of other makerspaces and organizations going through conditions we are. I will be poring through some of my notes, and the collaborative documentation we all took.  In a month or so I will share some of the videos.  
 +  * We will continue to operate in conjunction of our local state and city guidelines, and if conditions worsen or whatnot.  We are prepared to follow the local phase model, even if the phases slide backwards.  
 +  * We all need to think about how we will do all this in the near and further future. I’m going to ask all Area Captains & Stewards to look at their space and post how many people can distance 6' or better in their room.  As I mentioned above, many places are doing a wide number of options,  from hanging shower curtains,  adding hepa filtration boxes and many other things.  Touchless soap and or hand sanitizer dispensers. We will all have to put our thinking and making caps on. 
 +  * Thank you everyone! 
 +===== 2. Board Report ===== 
 +  * The Board met (online)before the General meeting at 3:00 p.m. Highlights of that meeting include: 
 +    * New 3 year lease extension with significant rent reduction approved and signed 
 +    * Other topics included: 
 +      * Working on a class policy 
 +      * Looking at combining insurances under one company 
 +      * All Offices & Stewards will be asked to create an all encompassing inventory list across the space (again, for insurance purposes) 
 +      * Working on an annual review process for all members RE: the liability policy & yet-to-be-created safety policy. Likely timeline will be to happen in February as the Board of Directors’ Election.  These will not replace the in-person Orientation 
 +      * Darrel had looked into a hackathon type event, and there was interest in holding such an event of our own, ideally in person, so who knows when? 
 +===== 3. Officer Reports =====
-2. Officer Reports 
   * Treasurer's report   * Treasurer's report
 +    * There is money in the bank
 +    * still need to pay June Rent
 +    * $12.7K in checking
 +    * $4.5K in savings
   * Education: position currently vacant   * Education: position currently vacant
-  * Events: position currently vacant+  * Events: Lunette Aliff 
 +    * No report submitted
   * Membership: Sherie Pennebaker   * Membership: Sherie Pennebaker
 +    * 112 total members active
 +      * (8) Students
 +      * (8) Associates
 +      * (43) Sustaining
 +      * (53) Annual/Bonanza Members (5 Bonanza members still need oriented)
 +      * 95 are sustaining, 8 associate, 8 student, and 1 knowledgemaster.
 +    * 4 people were oriented last month. If a new member needs assistance, please help or give them the contact information of someone who can.
 +    * Orientations are on an appointment basis, no large orientations will be scheduled for a few months, at least.
   * Outreach: Charel Morris   * Outreach: Charel Morris
 +    * nothing happening but as decisions regard being open again then we will hopefully get active. I am hoping we can do something in July around our 'Q Birthday’
   * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder   * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
 +    * Recently attended 2020 Nation of Matkers virtual conference - lots of neat ideas from that!
 +    * Putting some links on our FB page of local black-owned stem-related places; if you have such links, send them her way
 +    * https://old.reddit.com/r/Albuquerque/comments/gvf884/some_local_black_owned_businesses_that_you_can/
   * Donations: Hugh Hulse   * Donations: Hugh Hulse
 +    * No report submitted
   * Facilities: John Murray   * Facilities: John Murray
 +    * The swamp cooler for the Laser Cutter Room/3-D Printer Room is now controlled by an On/Off control/thermostat  in the Laser Cutter Room.  Instructions will be posted next week.
 +    * Needs an overview created of the water system he has created for the cooler in the attic
 +    * He has not been calling into the landlord, since there were lease negotiations underway.  If there are specific problems or issues, contact John about it.
 +    * Charel let us know that the new lease is in place & signed by all.  They seem very interested in having everything working in the building, so let them know about problems!
   * Rental: position currently vacant (President is currently POC for rentals)   * Rental: position currently vacant (President is currently POC for rentals)
 +    * One member inquired about space for a larger format printer repair he wants to do
 +====   * Area Captains ====
 +    * 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen
 +      * Nothing to report.
 +    * Annex - Steve Hall
 +      * No report submitted
 +    * Arcade - Ed Heron
 +      * JJ Reports:
 +        * The arcade was rearranged and cleaned. It has the same feel as before, just cleaner and less cluttered. Come by and play a game or watch some youtube while taking a break from making. 
 +    * Digital Arts - Darrel Knutson
 +      * Printer down right now; still working on it.  
 +      * Sought approval for supplies purchase (once the printer is fixed)
 +    * Electronics Lab: Doug McGeehan
 +      * Electronic Storage clean-up is ongoing. Storage room migration is stalled at the moment while I focus on organizing and inventorying our circuit supplies. You can look at the inventory spreadsheet here (it is not complete):
 +      * https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fug-JTEOrRzHeuBnbmRM_V264Crm6iiVsiStM1JWeJg/edit#gid=1377453167
 +      * To free up shelf space and avoid disasters, I plan to mount the small parts cabinets to the walls in the lab room.
 +      * Progress on the cabinet mounting is stalled until I can get some help, which I'm not actively pursuing while COVID-19 concerns persist. Meanwhile, I'll use this time to reorganize the contents of the cabinets in a more consistent manner.
 +      * Days since last soldering iron injury: ??? (let's start counting as of today)
 +    * Fiber Arts: JJ Salley
 +      * The room is getting used and people are using the material and yarn in the room!  
 +      * Be sure to disinfect before and after using the room.  Paper towels and a spray bottle of cleaner is on the counter in the room. 
 +      * Other updates from JJ:
 +        * Kitchen: Cleaned the kitchen, including a lot of the cabinets and inside the fridge.  Please make sure to mark dates when you put things in there.  I found a lot of expired condiments from 2017...some were even older!
 +        * Entryway: It is important for the entryway to be presentable.  I have given lots of tours and the look in people's eyes when they see a dirty and cluttered entryway is something I haven't forgotten.  I cleaned it up, including the desk at the west side of the room.  I put up decorations on the wall, moved donations to the donations area of the annex and put some of Darren's Star Wars decorations on the desk with my Star Wars chachkies. 
 +        * Handicap parking spots:  I repainted the 2 parking spots including the lines.  I kept the same design and color choice that was there;  I only spruced it up.  :D
 +        * Library: I tried to create a nice private workspace and an inviting study space in the library.  I put phone holders, an iPad holder, power strips and we dusted the heck out of it.  We also cleaned the floor and put books on the book shelves.  If you need to study at Quelab and need a quiet place where you can social distance, the library would be perfect.  The TV and DVD player works, but the sound doesn't (I tried a couple sets of speakers).  If you use the fan, make sure to have it on low. 
 +    * Laser: Craig Goldsmith
 +      * He has not yet purchased ducting to move the ALEPH laser cutter. Hopefully this month
 +      * Remember: only one person in the room at a time!
 +    * Machine Shop: Denis Muradov
 +      * I see that a horizontal bandsaw was bought. Just a reminder, if you buy a bulk length worth of bandsaw blades (50ft or 100ft, etc) I can weld a blade together. This should take an hour. Alternatively another officer with a key (I'd have to drop it off, since the risk of electrocution is real with the blade welder it should not be used by lay people) and training (quick coaching over the phone and youtube) can do it as well. I have done this with a few blades so far. The blades that do not work are the thin ones and those that are only about 1/4 wide for 9 inch bandsaws for scroll cutting. I have tried to weld them but I didn't get anything usable because the welder is meant for bigger blades. Either way, it's an option.  If other people are interested in training others, that is still the case.
 +    * Stained Glass/Clay: Sherie Pennebaker
 +      * Nothing to report
 +    * Welding: John Murray
 +      * Doug McGeehan has loaned a horizontal metal-cutting bandsaw to the metal / welding shop (a Grizzly 7X12 unit, model G0561) , but it is not yet ready for member use and likely won't be until sometime in July. Authorization to use it will require training and/or a demonstration of competency, which still needs evaluation. A lockout device with a reprogrammable combo lock has been placed on the plug
 +      * Doug has drafted a training guide for the bandsaw, which John is evaluating. Once that is done, Denis will be invited for his input as well.
 +      * Blades and cutting fluid will need to be purchased. Doug will purchase them for reimbursement after receiving authorization from the Board (an itemized shopping list still needs created).
 +      * Days since last bandsaw injury: 21
 +        * Nature of injury: Doug pulled a muscle unloading the bandsaw from the truck :(
 +    * Nothing else to report, per John M.
 +  * Woodshop: Jesse Trujillo/Darrel Knutson
 +    * Currently the Grizzly sander and large Delta drill press are down.  
 +    * The small band saw and the table saw dust collector catch basin as well as the dust collector switch have been repaired/rebuilt.  Everything else seems to be working.
 +    * Building Front Quelab sign repairs:
 +    * I cut out the letters on the laser cutter.  They are clear plastic with the white protective film left on their back side (a technique I used on a trailer repair that has held up very well).  I tried to take the sign down to repaint and put letters on but it would not cooperate.
 +    * An appreciation to JJ for helping me position the letters.
 +===== 4. Old Business =====
-  * Area Captains 
-      * 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen 
-      * Annex - Steve Hall 
-      * Arcade - Ed Heron 
-      * Digital Arts - Darrel Knutson 
-      * Electronics Lab: Doug McGeehan 
-      * Fiber Arts: JJ Salley 
-      * Laser: Craig Goldsmith 
-      * Machine Shop: Denis Muradov 
-      * Stained Glass/Clay: Sherie Pennebaker 
-      * Welding: John Murray 
-      * Woodshop: Jesse Trujillo/Darrel Knutson 
-3. Old Business+  * ShoutOuts/Appreciations: 
 +    * JJ - for so many things 
 +    * Darrel - repairs to the woodshop, renovation on the main building sign 
 +    * Doug - Electronics storage & lab cleanup/rearranging, and helping JT unload a donation today 
 +    * All of you!
-  * TBD+===== 5. New Business =====
-4. New Business 
-  * TBD+  * Area Captains/Stewards, to work with president to determine occupancy options should their area need more than one person - Adric 
 +    * Can they distance well,  can we make some dividers?   
 +    * Ventilation?  Is there any way it can be improved?   
 +    * Be aware, if the local, state, federal guidelines go backwards, we might have to go back as well.
-----+Motion to adjourn 6:37 p.m.