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 1. Board Report 1. Board Report
-  * Payment of $200 late fee to Attorney General's office 
-  * Working n a classes policy for the creation of classes at Quelab - still in progress.  Includes: 
-      * Policies for class expenses, including reimbursement to Area Captains and/or instructors for area consumables & class materials 
-      * General class policy - how much to charge, how that tuition is split up \\ 
 2. Officer Reports 2. Officer Reports
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   * Facilities: John Murray   * Facilities: John Murray
   * Rental: Darren Moody   * Rental: Darren Moody
 +  * Board meetiung small recap: Adric
   * Area Captains   * Area Captains
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 Minutes: Minutes:
 +<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>1. Board Report</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Payment of $200 late fee to Attorney General's office, X and X are working on our non-profit status with the state.</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Working on a classes policy for the creation of classes at Quelab - still in progress. Includes such things as:</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Policies for class expenses, including reimbursement to Area Captain(s) and/or instructors for area consumables & class materials</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>General class policy - how much to charge, how to arrive at how much to charge &  how that tuition is split up</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>To allow the July welding classes to be held, a Memorandum of Understanding was issued stating how the class can proceed.  This MOU will be in effect for six months.</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Adding secondary people onto the bank account</font>
 +<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>2. Officer Reports</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>President's Report</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>July 4th party</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Funding ideas, including CNC plasma cutter</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Treasurer's report</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Month of May</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Start of Month $11,316.56 May Notes:</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>+Deposits (credit) $6,887.51 Amazon Smile 42.90</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>-Checks (debits) $3,769.52 5 year long memberships</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Ending Balance $14,434.55</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Difference $3,117.99</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Month of June June Notes:</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Start of Month $14,434.55 Insurance paid 986$</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>+Deposits (credit) $3,236.97</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>-Checks (debits) $4,926.84</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Ending Balance $12,744.68</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Difference -$1,689.87</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Education: position currently vacant</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Events Officer: position currently vacant</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Membership: Sara Simon</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>107 total active members</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Outreach: Charel Morris</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Railyards Market - we joined the MMF people there, to help showcase Quelab & the maker movement</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Lightsabers, writing robot, spirograph, laser cut stuff</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Lots of interest from people, one already signed up as a member, another family that says they will sign up</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Social Media: Rebecca Snyder</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Google reviews - 4.5 out of 5 (we got a negative review)</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>4th of July blog post is up at quelab.net</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Assets: Darren Moody</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>June was a very good month for Donations & Disposal.</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Drill press sold: $50</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>unique donation of a lot of brass steampunk items, that, as far as I'm aware of, just showed up on a Hack Night, as neither JT or I had made any arrangements with anybody regarding it.</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>This donation had many things of interest to Quelab members. After picking things that were interest to them, a total of $67 was collected from Member Sales.</font>         * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Recycling from this $130.89</font>
 +          * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Combined, net result was $264.89 being generated through asset disposal for the month of June.</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Policy Change:</font>         * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>donations are going to be accepted on a "By Appointment Only" basis</font>
 +          * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>If anybody wished to donate, please have them contact us via email at donations@quelab.net.</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Facilities: John Murray</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Two new circuits in the shop for three total 20 amp circuits, color coded</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Swamp coolers: Hannah doesn’t want us on the roof</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Fire extinguishers gone through by John & Gonner. Getting some halon extinguishers for laser cutter & 3d printing</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Rental: Darren Moody</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Renter in the annex for $250/month</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>We still have some benches available for rent</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Area Captains</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>The orion is printing</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Arcade - Troy Ross</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Rebecca reporting:</font>         * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>A knitting machine is in available</font>
 +          * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Some scapbooking supplies have been added</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Laser: Craig Goldsmith</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Metal Shop: Eric Lee</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>No injuries reported</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>All equipment (except X-Carve) working</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>11 members in training waiting list</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Welding: John Murray</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>We just got a welding tanks dolly</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Woodshop: Gonner Menning</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Dust collector auto comes on when you turn on the table saw</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Green permits will only be valid for one month only (in the woodshop only - no change for permits any where else in the space)</font>
 +<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>3. Old Business</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Railyards market Recap - Darren, others? - see earlier report</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>ABQ MiniMakerFaire</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Charel:</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Aug 26, 27</font>
 +        * [[http://albuquerque.makerfaire.com/be-a-maker/application/TheycouldusealistofmakersfromQuelab(theyhaveneverhadsuchalistbefore).AllQuelabmakersshouldsignupthroughthesignuppageontheMMFwebsite-|http://albuquerque.makerfaire.com/be-a-maker/application/]]
 +           * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>The Officers’ corps will have a MMF-related meeting in the next week or two</font>
 +<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>4. New Business</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society Open House</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>9-23 (we think) their open house’</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Is there interest in us having an event at Quelab, or a table there?</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Darren is willing to man a table at the open house, and is willing to have others help</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Rebecca - it might be good to not go overboard on train-themed things for an open house, since we’re about much more than trains</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Charel - that’s a good time to have an open house</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>There was much interest among attending members at the meeting</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Bandit - we should place our banner in a prominent place if possible</font>
 +        * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Darren - perhaps we can offer our parking lot for attendees to their open house?</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Default mailing lists for members: Members but now also Chatter - JT</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Adric described the purpose of both lists - Members’ & Chatter</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Rebecca - suggested adding a footer to the Chatter list</font>       * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Purpose of the list, and a reminder that the Chatter list is for both members; & non-members</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>4th of July</font>     * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>An informal get together at Quelab on the 4th - 2 to 10</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Some fun science-y demos in the parking lot</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Feel free to bring food or legal fireworks,with fire or not</font>
 +      * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Aaron will be bringing his smoker</font>
 +  * <font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>We have a new member Steven that did a project here that took it to Burning Man.</font>
 +<font 11.0pt/arial,sans-serif;;black;;inherit>Adjourned 6:56 p.m.</font>