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 ====== SEPTEMBER Community Meeting Agenda: ====== ====== SEPTEMBER Community Meeting Agenda: ======
-<WRAP round notice>DRAFT. If you have an item to add to the agenda, please let an officer know. </WRAP> 
 **NOTE:** All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share. **NOTE:** All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.
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 3. Old Business 3. Old Business
-  * TBD+  * ABQ Maker Faire is doing INNOVATION DAY at Railyard Market on Sunday, Oct 14th
 4. New Business 4. New Business
- +  * New Machine Shop Area Captain 
-  * TBD+  * New President & VP 
 +  * New Chairs in Main Classroom 
 +  * Darth Meets Yoda (A Star Wars Event), at the Hot Air Balloon Museum Friday October 5 
 +  * New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society Annual Open House Saturday Sept. 29 - 9 a.m.-5 p.m 
 +  * “Membership Plus” (rolling donation) has been setup in WildApricot
 ---- ----
 Minutes: Minutes:
 +1. Board Report
 +  * New MachineShop captain
 +  * New Pres, VP
 +  * RFID enhancements
 +  * Members Plus donation program
 +  * Office Vacancy Task Force
 +    * Seeking members to help out on that group
 +2. Officer Reports
 +  * President's Report
 +    * No one else has stepped up, so John & I have volunteered for these positions, at least through the end of October, which is when all Officers are up for renewal
 +    * Be Gentle to me, please
 +    * Like IT Support, the Best President is one you don’t know is there.  I will do my best that I can.
 +  * Treasurer's report
 +    * Current checking 2396.76
 +    * current savings 6043.98
 +    * expected membership income 2500
 +    * rent 2833
 +    * outstanding expenses
 +      * insurance 2319
 +      * nmgc 186.61
 +      * misc facilities reimbursements 850.21
 +    * Insurance & Gas are coming up
 +    * Electricity & Rent are both going up.  Rent 11/1, Electricity every month
 +    * Dues income is going up as well, but slower than our expense
 +    * How to deal with this imbalance?
 +    * Increase dues?  Not something we want to do
 +    * We have started a Membership Plus/Rolling Donation
 +    * New members can choose this when they sign up
 +    * Existing members can send to the jt@quelab.net or josh@quelab.net to request an amount be added to their account
 +  * Education: position currently vacant
 +  * Events Officer: position currently vacant
 +  * Membership: position currently vacant
 +    * JT Reporting
 +      * 108 active, with 19 overdue for renewal
 +      * 8 associate
 +      * 16 student
 +      * 84 sustaining
 +  * Outreach: Charel Morris
 +    * No report submitted
 +  * Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
 +    * Project for the month - updating our entry with Guidestar with our new President.  This will help us fund raise through Facebook as well
 +    * Please remember smile.amazon.com to donate money to Quelab through your Amazon purchases
 +      * Josh: Currently we make between $20 and a $100 each quarter
 +    * I will be making posts for our new stuff - the new All In One machine in the machine shop
 +    * Can reach her at Rebecca@quelab.net
 +  * Donations: John “JT” Benedetto
 +    * Nothing to report this month
 +  * Facilities: John Murray
 +    * Put in a 3 tube ceiling light, retrofitted with 48" LED bulbs, in the ceramics area, adjacent to the water fountain.  The light is temporarily plugged in a power strip and is controlled there.  It will be wired into a regular wall switch if the light's present position is optimum.
 +    * Contract Janitorial services, by JanPro, were restarted, which includes the core and the three bathrooms.  Cleaning is performed every Thursday morning.
 +    * Per a discussion with the Annex Captain, Steven Hall, the small flammables cabinet was moved into the annex to allow a more convenient access to  lubricants, solvents and other flammable chemicals, as opposed to the Hot Work Area.  The large flammables cabinet will also be moved into the annex, during September.
 +  * Rental: Darren Moody
 +    * No changes to number of benches being rented / available.
 +    * When renting a bench space, care must be taken as to not "migrate" past the area being rented. This is unfair to both the other renters as well as the membership in general. A month's notice is hereby being given for consolidation, clean up, etc. As of September 1, excess space being used will be measured and charged appropriately.
 +Area Captains
 +  * 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen
 +    * Fixed the bowden tube on the delta, but it could be better
 +  * Arcade - Troy Ross
 +    * No report submitted
 +  * Digital Arts - Darrel Knutson
 +    * No problems reported
 +    * Need verification: has the Treasurer ordered the vinyl Darrel requested last month?
 +      * No, not yet, due to problems with SLFCU & online purchasing
 +      * It might be best Darrel to order them & get reimbursed.
 +      * Josh already has contacted him with this info, but will send it again
 +  * Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim
 +    * Nothing to report, clean up after yourself
 +    * We have a lot of stock available
 +  * Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
 +    * Nothing to report
 +  * Laser: Craig Goldsmith
 +    * Food and drink have been prohibited from the lasercutter room due to ant and roach infestation and the general slovenliness of users who have been eating and drinking in that space. Water is the only exception.
 +    * A reminder to members: please empty scrap bin trash when it is about half full or it gets really, really difficult to empty easily
 +  * Metal Shop: Denis Muradov
 +    * I have done some cleaning but have not gone through each machine to test all functions. As far as I know all machines are operational, or at least nothing new broke. No injuries. 
 +    * There is a new bandsaw, getting that operational will take more time than the all-in-one due to its weight and configuration. Priority is finding a way to move it either by forklift or by building a mobile base for it. Since it is 840lbs, and not 350lbs as I thought, this will need some thinking. As last resort it can be pushed out of the weld shop with 5 to 6 people to the outside wall of the weld shop, about 12 feet.  It might fit next to the bridgeport mill.
 +    * We have a donated lathe drill combination machine (all-in-one) with a rolling stand that needs to be evaluated. This unit was donated by the AFRL Makerspace at Kirtland!  Putting it into production should not take as long as the bandsaw. Need to find space for it, swap the chucks, read the manual, build a cover for exposed spinning parts, label functions, test operations, identify safety problems and lastly come up with training. It might fit where the red engine hoist is.
 +    * I bought a book on generic band saw operation and it had some tips on maintenance which could be applied to the existing jet saw in the machine shop.
 +    * As the new Area Captain, there is a lot to do to. I need to collect documentation that existed for the machine shop and figure out the maintenance schedules for the machines. Things like grease, oil, etc
 +  * Welding: John Murray
 +    * A donated 3 number combination safe, previously drilled to determine the unknown combination, was mounted on a cribbed up 4 x 4 platform to allow it to be at a convenient working height and moved about more readily. (The combination is still to be determined again, and Adric is on task!).
 +    * A general clean-up and reorganization of the materials and non-functional equipment in the Hot Work area is underway, to allow more useable workspace in the area.
 +    * Loose sheet steel roofing on the covered portion of the Hot Works area was resecured using deck screws to replace the original nails. 
 +  * Woodshop: Gonner Menning
 +    * Nothing to report
 +3. Old Business
 +  * ABQ Maker Faire is doing INNOVATION DAY at Railyard Market on Sunday, Oct 14th
 +    * Please consider volunteering 
 +    * Should be cooler (temperature-wise) than previous Railyard Market excursions!
 +4. New Business
 +  * New Machine Shop Area Captain
 +    * Thanks to Denis Muradov for stepping up
 +    * New MachineShop mailing list - an email will go out when this is ready
 +    * New President & Vice President
 +      * JT Benedetto has been approved as President with John Murray as Vice-President
 +    * New Chairs in Main Classroom
 +      * Thanks to Darren for acquiring these from the auction
 +      * Shoutout to John Murray for helping with transport
 +      * We could use some fundraising for the chairs; if you want to donate, send an email to donations@quelab.net
 +    * The Return of Darth & Yoda (A Star Wars Event), at the Hot Air Balloon Museum Friday October 5
 +      * We attended last year, but the largest draw were Eric’s lighsabers...
 +      * With the loss of Eric, is there any interest in exhibiting at this event this year?
 +        * Yes, Josh is willing to help
 +        * Last year, we donated a tie fighter for a raffle, Darren will be doing an aztec themed calendar 
 +    * New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society Annual Open House Saturday Sept. 29 - 9 a.m.-5 p.m - https://www.facebook.com/NMSX2926/?ref=br_rs
 +      * Does Quelab want to do anything to tie into or coordinate with this event which draws lots of people to the neighborhood?  This year in particular, since they fired the boiler on the engine earlier this year.
 +    * “Membership Plus” (rolling donation) has been setup in WildApricot - Josh
 +      * New members can choose additional amounts at signup, existing members must talk with a WA admin - this was discussed previously in this meeting
 +      * Task Force to address Officer Vacancies - Gonner
 +        * A question was asked - what vacancies are there now?
 +          * Interim for life - Electronics & Fiber arts (meaning these Area Captains would love to step down & be replaced, if anyone wants to step up in those areas, it would be appreciated!)
 +          * Vacancies - Education, Events, Registrar
 +      * If your work has matching amounts for volunteer work, please consider Quelab for this program
 +  * Other items?
 +    * Hacknight schedule change?  We reduced to one night a month for a pilot during the summer.  Do we want to continue with that schedule, or consider a change again?
 +      * Aaron: the monthly one didn’t really work out as huge events once a month, maybe more often might be better - every Sunday?
 +      * Ethan asked about nights to demo people’s projects, either for public or members only…
 +    Adjourned @ 7:08 p.m.