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 +====== Rentals Officer ======
 +<WRAP third right box> **Responsible for:** \\
 +The Annex
 +**Contact Info** \\
 +//Steven Hall// \\
 +The term of Annex Area Captain is one year, and is appointed by the Board of Directors with the advice of the President.
 +The responsibilities of the Annex Area Captain are as follows:
 +Organize Annex layout
 +  * Track Member Owned Property tags and follow up with abandoned projects
 +    * Ensure central area of Annex remains clear for member project use
 +    * Organize cleaning of the Annex
 +  * Be a point of contact for the board, membership, and wider public for questions regarding usage of the Annex
 +  * Coordinate specifically with the Donations & Rentals Officers (since they share the Annex) as well as other officers/​board members on issues regarding the Annex
 +  * Serve as a member of the Facilities Workgroup for any issues regarding the Annex
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