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How to Contact Us

The Real World

Mailing address:
680 Haines Avenue NW
Albuquerque NM 87102
GoogleVoice Voicemail: (505) 750-4522


Email us: “board at quelab dot net”

Connect with Quelab

Mailing Lists

Private [Members] list

If you are a member, you are automatically subscribed to the member-only [Members] list and club information may be posted to it such as announcements for exclusive events not open to the public, and Quelab business, including meeting announcements, Board of Directors elections, or information from the Board of Directors and elected Officers.

Membership on the [Members] is automatic for paying members, and handled by the tech volunteers. If your dues/membership lapse, you are unsubscribed. If you are a paid member, and are not receiving posts to this list, please contact “tech at quelab dot net”.

Public lists

The public lists were created to move most of the traffic OFF the [Members] mailing list and onto these sub lists. These are public lists in that people that aren't members of Quelab can join them and participate in the community that we have and hopefully make it grow. It also allows those people that want to be members, but not get all the email, to have a choice & choose which lists to subscribe to. You can also choose to get mail from those lists in a daily batch, versus as soon as one is sent (not applicable to the [Members] list).

“Members only” type information should still go on the [Members] list. Events posted to the members list (that aren't member-only events) may be cross posted to the [Chatter] list so that we can attract more people.

Here are the current lists available:

List Description
CHATTER Quelab Chatter This is expected to the busiest; if you only subscribe to one, choose this one.
THINK For information related to the maker movement, entrepreneurship, community outreach, and economic items.
3d-printing 3D Printers time schedule and discussion
Lasers Laser Cutter time schedule and discussion
Hydro Hydroponics, Aquaponics discussion

To sign up for a list, go to and follow along with the process.

If you have any questions, please contact “tech at quelab dot net”

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