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 +====== Green Jet Lathe Cost Breakdown ======
 +The green jet metal lathe was a donation to Quelab in 2015.  Though in good condition, it needed upgraded to meet Quelab safety standards, as well as tooling & other miscellaneous repair parts.  Below is the text of an email sent from Eric Lee to the Board of Directors, giving a breakdown of the upgrade & tooling costs.
 +Date: June 18, 2016\\
 +To: Quelab Board\\
 +From: Eric R. Lee \\
 +Subject: Expense report - Restoration of Jet Lathe owned by Quelab
 +__Safety Enhancements__
 +^Item ^ Vendor ^ Cost |
 +|Emergency Stop Switch| Allied Electronics|  $97.40|
 +|Magnetic Switch (anti hot-start) |Grizzly Industrial |  $104.94|
 +|Power cord |Home Depot|  $34.20|
 +|Male 110 VAC power connector |Home Depot|  $4.98|
 +|Female 110 VAC power connector |Home Depot|  $7.96|
 +|Green Spray paint (belt shield) |Home Depot|  $3.76|
 +|Sales Tax (Home Depot) |Home Depot|  $3.66|
 +|Plywood (lathe stand, lower shelf) |Home Depot|  $17.08|
 +|Sales Tax (Home Depot) |Home Depot|  $1.23|
 +|Self-ejecting lathe chuck wrench |Amazon|  $15.74|
 +^__Tooling__^ Vendor ^Cost|
 +|Quick change tool post |Shars|  $114.95|
 +|Bull nose live center |Shars|  $44.06|
 +|Taper nose live center |Shars|  $28.95|
 +|Keyless drill chuck |Shars|  $53.95|
 +|Drill chuck MT2 shank |Shars|  $4.95|
 +|Cut off blade |Shars|  $6.75|
 +|Shipping (Shars order) |Shars|  $26.75|
 +| | |  **Total $571.31**|