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 ====== Introduction to Welding ====== ====== Introduction to Welding ======
-<WRAP round tip>To see if there is a welding class currently scheduled, or to sign up for a classplease go to the [[http://quelab.wildapricot.org/classes?EventViewMode=1&EventListViewMode=1|Classes page on our WildApricot site]].</WRAP>+<WRAP round tip>We are not currently scheduling welding classes.  When we doit will be displayed on the [[http://quelab.wildapricot.org/classes?EventViewMode=1&EventListViewMode=1|Classes page on our WildApricot site]].</WRAP>
 ===== Support Docs: ===== ===== Support Docs: =====
   * Quick Reference Welding Settings - {{:quick_reference_welding_settings.doc|Word Doc}}, {{:quick_reference_welding_settings.pdf|PDF}}   * Quick Reference Welding Settings - {{:quick_reference_welding_settings.doc|Word Doc}}, {{:quick_reference_welding_settings.pdf|PDF}}
-   * Welding Curriculum & Instructors - {{:welding_curric_instruct.doc|Word Doc}}, {{:welding_curric_instruct.pdf|PDF}} +---
-   * Welding Sign-In Form - - {{:welding_sign-in.doc|Word Doc}}, {{:welding_sign-in.pdf|PDF}} +
- +
-===== Class Details: ===== +
- +
-**Goal**: Whether you have never welded in your life or would like a refresher, “Quelab's Introduction to Welding” is the course you will sign up for to start your journey into hobby welding. <font inherit/sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>You will walk away with a basic understanding of theory and hands-on</font><font inherit/sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>practice with the MIG welding process and a variety of power tools</font><font inherit/sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>essential to welding and basic fabrication.</font> +
- +
-*Completion of this course is required to use the welding area and the equipment in it (members may test out if a proficiency is verified by either John Murray, Will Smith or Dennis Maloney.) +
- +
-**Facilitators**: Will Smith, and Janus Herrera (alternate instructors are to be assigned when needed). +
- +
-  * **Will Smith**: Has been employed in the Metal Fab field for over 46 years and has been instructing classes and methodology for different types of metals and industries, from aircraft to naval vessels, fireplaces, pipelines, structural trusses, and dragons. He has designed classes for juveniles and women specifically to teach welding and metal design, and repair, for Government entities and private corporations. +
- +
-  * **Janus Herrera**: Worked in UNM research lab machine shop from 2003-2008, including design and fabrication of custom parts using a variety of tools and MIG welding. Passionate about design for manufacturability and process improvements. +
-Attendees: This course is open to everyone 18 yrs and older. Quelab membership is not required to attend. +
- +
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