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Laser Cutter Users

This page lists the official trainers and users of the laser cutter. In order to become one of the certified users you must have a training session with one of the trainers below.

Area Captain
Craig Goldsmith (Zoot)

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter User's list (members only) Access the list here

Craig Goldsmith (Zoot)
Certified Users Trained By
Aaron Birenboim
Adric Menning Ray
Alice Shriver Addie
Aryon Hopkins Addie
Ben Kuttesch Adric
Chris Hughes
Craig Goldsmith (Zoot) JT
Darren Moody
Geoff Nicholson Ray
Hugh Clark
Jeremy Hoel
John Cochrane
Jonathan Romero Aaron
JT Benedetto Ray
Kris Hardy Alice
Kemper Barkhurst
Kevin Barnette Alice
Mike Robledo Addie
Mike Westerfield
Rebecca Snyder
Sherie Pennebaker Aaron
Troy Ross
Myriam Tapp Zoot
Josh Pedersen Adric
Janus Herrara Adric
Keenan Boliek-Poling Adric
Paul Wright Adric
Michael Chilson Adric
Anthonie Owen Adric
Margaret Showalter Zoot
Michael Enoch JT
Alan Daugherty JT
Raphael Perea Adric
Christie Kurtz Zoot
Charlie Carman Zoot
Darrel Knutson Zoot
James Abbott Zoot
Denis Muradov Zoot
Ramona Teo Zoot
Hector Malagon JT, Darren
Eric Simmons Zoot
Christine Simmons Zoot
Ethan Moses Zoot
Charlie Fullerton Zoot
JJ Salley Zoot
Ben Belassi Zoot
Dennis Louton Zoot
Doug McGeehan Zoot
Timothy Schollenberger Zoot
Antonio Minitrez Zoot
Christopher Suski Zoot
Josh Mason Zoot
Rob Roy Zoot
Jim Risinger Zoot
Jacob Vanus Zoot
Brian Lewis Zoot
Bruce Pitt Zoot
Rebecca “Dragon Lee” England Zoot
Zhenya Novareign Zoot
Mike Bunnell Zoot
Bill Kriegh Zoot
Lunette Aliff Zoot
Jason Stearns Zoot