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New Member Guide

This set of pages is designed to answer your questions about being a good Quelab member!

Sections to add:

  • Orientations
  • Web Site Structure
  • Contact 'etiquette' - who to ask when for what
  • Contacting the Management
  • Be a part of how Quelab runs
  • Be a good Quelab citizen
  • membership responsibilities
  • Safety

New members must attend an orientation session to gain 24/7 access to the lab. Please see the class list to find the time & date of the next orientation session.

  • Questions not covered here? Check out the FAQ!
  • Please follow the Opening and Closing Procedures to keep the space safe & secure.
  • Any questions? Ask the Officers
  • Respect others, and their projects! Even if you think you know a better way, offer advice not disparaging comments.
  • Safety
    • Sign a Liability Waiver before using equipment
    • Use common sense.
    • Ask for help if you need it!
    • Wear the proper safety gear
  • Key policy
    • Unless you know for sure, someone is in good standing, please don't give out the door code to anyone! check via logging in and verifying they are a member in http://members.quelab.net
    • We are asking all members to use the door keycode until we get an RFID door system into place. The door keycode is changed monthly & emailed to all active members after the Monthly General Meeting (usually the first Sunday of every month). February 28, 2016 Update: An RFID system has been implemented, thanks to Drew Bernard. However, the current keycode system will be left in place until everyone has RFID entry tags (and may stay on after that as a backup & for use by repair persons).
    • Currently entry is the metal door on the left, not the glass door on the right
    • If you are the last person out make sure all the doors are locked (see the Opening & Closing Procedures for full details on closing the space).
  • Respect/People/Projects
    • If you are a member and are going to have ongoing projects look into a 25 gallon plastic tub to put in the storage room to store your important parts/project. All member marked tubs and what is in them is off limits for taking apart/using without permission.
    • Lockers are also available for rental, if you have things of value you worry about.
    • As a policy we expect everyone to be on good behavior, theft will not be tolerated!
  • Help
    • Offer help where you can
    • Volunteer for the good of the space often!
    • Take Initiative! If you see something that needs doing, or something that can help the space, do it!
  • If you use something up, look into replacing it, (glue/tape/solder…..)
  • If you can't replace let the Room Foreman or Facilities Manager know
  • You make a mess, clean it up
    • Put tools and equipment away when you are done.
    • Leave workbenches usable for the next person.
  • Shared computer/Network/Printer…
    • Respect the equipment
    • The DSL modem, mac mini IDS box & file share box are in the mezzanine over the main set of offices
    • Wireless key is posted in the lab
    • Ethernet wiring has been installed and there are ethernet ports in most of the rooms
    • Emailing out via SMTP requires Authentication, setting your email program for SSL or TLS should work. (port 587 or 465)
  • hack stuff
    • This goes without saying.
    • In the old space, there was a tote marked as “HackMe”; in the new space the back wall of the Hyperspace room is considered “Hackme” materials.
  • Heaters/Coolers Lights, Misc.
    • make sure heaters& soldering irons and lights are off when locking up.
    • Portable Electric heaters all have their own controls, make sure they are off and unplugged when not in use.
    • There are two furnaces in the new space, both located in the mezzanine over the front set of rooms.
    • We have an electric hot water heater, located in the largest bathroom.
    • Information on the building's cooling systems will be compiled & added to this document when we convert from winter heating to summer cooling later this year.
  • Don't make us make rules about stuff!
  • Quelab emergency contact info:
    • Facilities manager: John Murray, email facilities@quelab.net or call the regular number listed above
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